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    Default Blue Mountain Coffee Tour

    My husband and I are coming to CTI on the 3rd thru 11th- SO EXCITED!!! New-timer. I am a HUGE coffee fan and am so excited about the Blue mountain coffee. I have looked online some and have been unable to find a coffee plantation tour. Is there such a thing and does anyone have any experience or tips? Thanks so much!

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    There is a tour, but they aren't real close to the resort. The plantations are located in the Blue Mountains which are not close to CTI. You can do the tour, but it is an all day tour without a lot of time at the plantation as most of the day you are traveling. We'd also like to go, but I'm not willing to lose that much beach time.
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    We did the Blue Mountain Tour 15 yrs ago, which is the one where they take you up the Blue Mountains and coast down. We went through coffee plantations, local villages, stopped at a school, some waterfalls as we coasted down through the rain forest. We booked it through Couples. They still advertise online and you can google Blue Mountain Tours or Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours for details.

    If you go, be warned that you are traveling much closer to Kingston than when in MB or OR. Also, you will need to bring some extra cash for tips and to pay the kids who take your picture.

    We really enjoyed the trip, but as I said, that was 15 yrs ago.

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