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    Default Secret Rendezvous and broken foot

    Well, it looks like we might be returning to Couples sooner than I thought. DH and I had planned a second honeymoon at Walt Disney World, but I've broken my foot. It's been in a hard cast for a month and is now in a soft cast and a boot. From what people with previously broken feet tell me, I won't be well enough to walk miles and miles around theme parks by next month. In fact, I might be better off sitting in a lounge chair with a rum cream drink in my hand, you know, for medical purposes.

    So, when I worked it out, we can change our vacation to 4 nights at Couples, using the Secret Rendezvous for about the same price as our original Disney vacation.

    I have two questions:
    1. If you've done the Secret Rendezvous, how did it work out for you?

    2. I've heard that CSS is kind of a lot of walking. The Couples customer service person I spoke to said that she could note in my reservation that I broke my foot and wouldn't be able to walk around CSS.
    The thing is, I kind of want to try CSS... or at least have a 25% chance at trying it. Is it that much walking?

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    I can relate to your pain as I am in a boot right now for a major ankle sprain (and have been in a boot before for breaking the same ankle!)

    We were at CSS this past December and I know you want to try it, but I wouldn't even consider it with a boot on. I haven't been to CTI so I can't speak for that resort, but CN would be the easiest for you to navigate. I've also been to CSA and it would be fine since it's flat, but a little more spread out than CN.

    (I'm not sure which resorts you've been to before so I'm advising as you haven't been to any )

    Back to CSS - there are a LOT of steps, I mean, a LOT. And even if you get them to shuttle you around in a van, it's a hassle. That's just my 2 cents and if you REALLY want to go there, then by all means, I hope that happens for you - but I would personally suggest crossing your fingers for an easier to navigate resort.

    Get better soon!

    Oh and yeah, I'm still in my boot and we're going to CSA in a couple of weeks! I should be out of it by then (I'm hoping!!).
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    We aren't trying CSS until next year but I did read that there is a van or some sort of vehicle that will drive you around if you need. It would be a bummer to be there and not be able to explore as much as you want though. At least you would know if you like it and want to come back again later though.

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    There are a lot of stairs and walking at CSS. You do have the option of calling the van to pick you up and take you around the resort, but I think it would be difficult with a broken foot. I'd go ahead and have them make the notation on your reservation. The next time you head to Couples you can book CSS. I'd hate for you to get there and have a difficult time getting around.

    Just so you know, CN is the best resort for some one who needs to avoid stairs and excessive walking.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default I went to CSS with broken leg

    I went last summer with a broken leg. I broke bones in my left leg 30 days before we were supposed to go. I had surgery and was in the hospital for four days. I was in a hard cast for 8 weeks and a boot for another 10 weeks. I still went and was completely non weightbearing. The van took me where i wanted to go and we had a bottom floor room. I had no problems, but I was in great shape. I could not get in the ocean, but it did not stop me from getting in the pool and proping my leg on the side. For me it would have been easy to get around in a walking cast(boot).

    It can be done. I am not going to say it is easy. I would not recommend you do it unless for a just dead set on it. It was my honeymoon, there was nothing stopping me from going.

    Headed back in 70 days, can't wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAWGFAN View Post
    I went last summer with a broken leg . . . . it did not stop me from getting in the pool and propping my leg on the side . . . .
    I think we were there at the same time. Were you there in August? I remember being impressed that you didn't let a broken leg get in the way of enjoying your vacation.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Pamela I beleive that was me. I was there in August.

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    OK, I guess CSS is off the list for the time being. Hawgfan, I'm impressed with your fortitude. I'm not that strong. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

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