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    Default Does it get better the 2nd time?...Oh Yeah!!

    In 2005 my wife & I came to COR (at the time) and had what we thought was the best vacation we could ever have. Well we where wrong 5 years later we arrived “home” to a new CTI that looks fabulous.

    Here is the negative…the weather wasn’t perfect!!

    But everything else was, check-in was a breeze, more than a warm welcome & Red Stripe, the beginning of feeling like royalty started right then and there.

    Food: We ate at all of the restaurants, by far our favorite was Bayside, really enjoy the new Thai menu. We ate there on Thursday & Friday…on Friday the chef came out and explain the new menu and how they are preparing some of the dishes. 8 Rivers for the Repeaters dinner which was very good and still very elegant. The Verandah was nice and the food was good as well as the service. Wednesday evening we ate on the Patio with plenty of choices on the buffet. New Veggie Bar & Beach Grill smaller choices but all the favorites.

    All in all the food was great, service was as good as it gets.

    SPA: Had the repeaters his/her massages in the new spa area. So good, never had a massage before so I really don’t know if she did a good job but I was so relaxed after it was real good in my book..

    Entertainment: The house band was rocking the Patio each night and on Thursday a Steel drum band from a local parish brought the house down with a fantastic performance which was the highlight of the week.

    New Swim up Bar and Pool: Very nice addition to the property helps bring people together for sure.

    TI/SSB: Did the Trading Places option on Wednesday and did a quick tour of the CSS resort and then headed over to SSB…Lots of steps to CSS but I am sure you get use to it….We will have to stay at CSS at some point to give it a fair overall review…we really did enjoy SSB, with the grill right there for hot food and some very nice people we had a blast on SSB. I do have one issue for people on the MB who complain that SSB is rocky!! Come to Cape Cod (Mass) and I will show you rocky!! We have boulders in the water compared to what is on SSB.

    We enjoyed our time out on TI the last trip and this time was no exception…meeting good people having a good time can't beat that…We did “waved” to the Catamaran Cruise as it past the Island one day…Hope the pictures come out clearly.

    Staff: All the staff where great…treated us like a king & queen all week, above & beyond expectations.

    Making plans for our next trip….Do we stick with CTI or try something different?? Decisions, decisions…..Nice to have decisions like this!!

    Until next time, Peace, Love & Respect.

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    Oh, how we so agree with you.

    We had our weddingmoon at CNG in May 2005 & returned this year to celebrate our 5th Wedding anniversary.

    Everything was perfect from start to finish.

    We visited CTI & CSS in 2007 & Kev doesn't like to go return to the same place, but we're absolutely Couplesolics now & we're already deciding when the best time to return to CNG will be yeay !!!!!!

    The 1st photo was our wedding day 25th May 2005 11am - dream wedding.

    The 2ns photo our wedding anniversary 25th May 2010 11am - dream anniversary

    Thanks to all at Couples
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    Bostonwalt, glad to see you here again and happy your trip "home" was great.


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    Hooray Bostonwalt, you finally made it back home to COR/CTI!!!! It's great to hear it was even better than before. We're headed back to check out the new old girl in December, can't wait!

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