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    Default Which resort offers swimming with dolphins?

    Myself and my fiance are planning to get married at either CSA or CN. But he has expressed to me that he would like to swim with dolphins, although I'm unsure which resort offers this activity and what is the pricing to do this. Help please!

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    None of the resorts offer this activity. However, there are tour operators on-site with which you could book this activity at any of the resorts. I went on the tour of CSA and forgot (as someone on the MB mentioned to do) to drop out as the tour went upstairs at the Palms. I was trapped with two other people in the billiards room and had to listen to a presentation on this activity, which required a trip back to MoBay (I think, but i was trying to plot my getaway).
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    There is a Dolphin Cove in Ochos Rios, which is closer to CSS & CTI.We swam with the dolphins, 2 dolphins & my wife & I, for about 30-40 mins & the cost was 300.00. Its a bit pricey but was well worth it. They have 3 prices. 1. 100.00 pp to just touch the dolphin. 2. 150.00 pp 2 dolphins & like 6 people for 30-40 mins. 3. 300.00 pp 2 dolphins & 2 people for 30-40 mins. This is the one we did & got the #2 price thru an upgrade the sales person may be able to get for you, where you pay the #1 price & get the #2 deal & so on. For Romance though I pick CSS, largest property, least amount of rooms, & the property is just lush & Beautiful.
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    Presently the only Dolphin Cove that is open is the one in the Ocho Rios area. There is another Dolphn Cove being built in Lucea which you will pass as you head to CN or CSA which they report will open soon.

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    We went to Dolphin Cove from CSA. It was an all day trip (Dunn;s River Falls and lunch, too), but well worth the time away from the resort.

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