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    Default Which room category at CN?

    Since I've read that none of the rooms at CN actually face the ocean, does it really matter if one gets a garden view vs partial oceanview vs 'beachfront'? The resort seems so compact that it doesn't look like it'd be a long trek to the beach from any area-is this accurate? I would however like a more updated room that isn't next to the main road for noise reasons. Is there any particular room category I should avoid?

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    It's all about what you want or don't want out of your room. For instance, if a bigger unit or having a hammock on your balcony ranks higher on your criteria list, then by all means opt for one of the suites. If all you're really seeking is a comfortable room becaue you're not going to spend that much time in there anyway, then the Garden View rooms will definitely fit the bill.

    We had a Garden View in Bldg 1, and it was perfect for us. As a rule, we never spend a lot of time in our room, so we didn't feel the need to spend the extra coin. And it was quite peaceful, no road noise whatsoever, altho once in a while we could hear people chatting and stuff, but really it was nothing bad at all.

    BTW, you can request that building when booking and/or when you arrive, but remember, they don't guarantee you'll be placed where requested. Have a ball, you'll love CN!!

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    We have had building 3, 4 and 8 which are all close to the road and road noise is not an issue at all. Sure if you are in the bathroom you might hear cars passing by but at night sleeping it was not a concern.

    From the farthest away room to the beach is probably 300 feet which to me is a short walk.

    All the rooms have great views and the location becomes a matter of personal preference.

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    We were in building 5 I beleive when we were there, if we walked out the door we saw the Riu or whatever it was called. When looking off our balcony we saw the ocean and the gardens/ponds by the spa. You never really here much traffic either. Our friends were close to the tennis courts and when we stopped by their room we did not really here traffic either. The tennis courts are close to the road. I don't think you can have a bad room in the place. They'll be so much other stuff around you making natural sounds (not people) that you'll forget the road is there. You'll hear a plane every now and then at the airport next door but they don't fly in there at dark. We are going back next June to CN.

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    Book a gardenview room. To me there is no difference in that room and the beachfront room. We have stayed in both. The room inside is EXACTLY the same and no room is truly beachfront. You will love it!

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    We were in bld. 6 with an ocean view room. It was a great room, but when we go back we would get a garden room, we really didn't spend much time in the room, it was nice to have a drink and see the sun go down, but we don't see the need for it again since the first time was for our honeymoon. Here are a couple pictures that I took.
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