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    Default Jus Talk calling card

    I know everyone is thinking why would you call home. But we are leaving our 2 year old daughter. We went to CSA last year and were able to use the JusTalk calling card (I think that is what it was called anyways). We are returning to CSA June 19 and was just wondering if anyone knew if these cards are still available? I really like to just check in and see how our little one is doing so I am hoping they still have these! Thanks!

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    Don't be embarrassed, our "little girls" are 19 and 23 and we will definitely be calling back home to check up on them. Maybe not for the same reasons as you, but none the less...

    This will be our fourth trip to CSA and we have always used the Justalk cards. Cheap and easy way to call back to the States. We have not been back since 2007, but I suspect that the cards are still available. I have seen mixed reports on the message board about whether or not they have them at the gift shop. But I think some people do not realize that you have to ask for them at the counter, they are not out on display like other long distance cards. Any one out there have a current status on the cards?

    We are arriving at CSA the 15th, so perhaps we will cross paths sometime during out stays.

    Have a great trip!

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    Yes. They are available at the gift shops.

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    Hmmm...we were told we could not get them at CSA last Aug...grrr
    So, hubby had a time limit of calling on his cell of 5 min every couple of days. We have a little one back home, too......

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    Oh, and my mom wouldn't have it any other way! lol

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    can you text from a cell phone?

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    We were at CSA in April and bought the JusTalk cards. Our "Kids" are 19 and 25. They normally have several different dollar amounts but only had $4.00 cards when we went to purchase - I bought 2 but only used 1 - thought I would not have enough minutes! They do charge a $2.00 connection charge each time you call out but that is really very reasonable - much better than the $40.00 per call we were charged calling home from Cancun!

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    most major U.S. carriers allow e-mail to go to text on a cell phone. we have used this many times and also have used Skype on the cell phone. you go to the computer lounge send an e-mail to text and then get the reply via e-mail. of course using Skype via the free wifi that goes all over the resort these days works very well. your cell carrier may or may not have a Skype app.


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