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    Default Atrium rooms CSA


    Could someone tell me whether all the Atrium rooms are 'corner' rooms? It appears from description that they are - I can't see how else you could get 4 rooms per block if they were not!

    Am I being blonde here?

    We are booked for CSA in September and have reserved Atrium rooms (hope we don't get upgraded!!)

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    The buildings with Atrium Suites have two suites on each of two floors (four suites per building)... so they are ALL corner suites.

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    It's better than a corner really. The two rooms on the same floor do not share a wall so you have windows on all four sides of the rooms.
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    Good point, melody. The atrium in between the suites are what give them their name. The buildings are actually kind of "U" shaped.

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    Default Not to Hijack Thread.....

    ...but any word on the addition of mini-bars to these rooms?? 27 days left on our countdown to our first trip to Couples and keeping our fingers crossed about the rumor of this addition....

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    Default husband and I would definitely LOVE to find this info out as well! We'll be there Aug 18-24!

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    Soon come on the minibars.

    We were told by management at the repeaters' banquet last week that the furnishing in the original Garden Suites with windows, flatscreen tv's and minis has begun; within a month or two, the Atriums will be furnished with minibars.

    So... June, probably not... July, possibly... August, who knows?... Like I said, soon come...

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    Does that mean that all of the Garden Suites are now going to have tv's and mini bars? We just booked one for January. We usually stay in a Garden Verandah but last trip we met people who were in a Garden Suite and really liked their room so decided to try one. I was a little worried about no mini bar as I like having access to bottled water, etc. If they are now going to have mini bars that would be great!

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