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    Default Exactly one year from today...

    ...I will be sitting on the beach at CSA with a rum drink in my hand and the Jamaican sun beating down on me. MMM and maybe some jerk chicken to keep me company, too. =)

    Anyone else counting down this far out? Or am I the only one? It seems like so long to wait!

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    Almost one year ago we were exactly in your shoes. We leave for CSA on the 15th. While it seems oh so far away, the time will pass. Now we are beginning to rush around making last minute arrangements, lists and shopping trips to get ready.

    Where did the time go???

    Hang in there!

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    We are going in April and the day we put our deposit down(Early 2010) we started counting

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    Admittedly we are going this October but we are also counting down to Oct 2011.

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    We leave May,22-29 2011 so i have almost a year as well. This will be our first trip to Couples. We will be at CSA. Its seems so far away...grrrrrrrrrr. How do most live with the wait?..I can see these boards helping a little.

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    We r counting down even further than u. We don't go until 09/2011. We haven't even started counting because, it's just to far away to think about. We r making list already and doing a little shopping. Just for things that we need but, can find on sale now. My husband won't be getting his passport until next year. I already have mine. We haven't even stayed @ Couples yet and my husband is interested in the rates and promotion they will b having for 2012. He wants to book for another resort. I told him to slow down.

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    We put our deposit for November 2011 down in October 2009. So one year is nothing! We almost had 2 years to wait.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Last June (2009) we booked our trip for this July (2010). FIVE weeks from now!!! Three months ago, in March 2010 we booked our trip for July 2011.... I LOVE the early booking bonus. Will book for 2012 soon.

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    We have three, count them, three countdowns going on. One for this November, about 159. One for next April and November 2011. If we could, we would book for 2012. One can never have to many countdowns.


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    Default countdown!!!

    We leave Feb. 28th for CSA! We renew our vows on March 2nd at 4pm, we are there till March 6th! We will be celebrating 20 beautiful years of marriage! We never got a honey moon because my husband just started a new job and shortly after that we started our family! So I guess you could say this is our honey moon also!!!

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    It will be a year for us on June 25th. I booked 7 nights at CSA in March and haven't told my husband yet! So excited, it will be our 20th anniversary, and we have talked about it, but he has no idea I booked it! Now waiting for the perfect time to surprise him!

    So yes, we are counting down a little farther out than you, but at least we are counting! So looking forward to our first Couples vacation and only the 2nd time we have been away from our kids in 20 years.

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    Exactly a year from now I will be at CN with about 30 other people. We are getting married 6-9-11

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    We will at CSA celebrating our honeymoon May 23-June 2. We are beyond excited!

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    We booked exactly a year to the day before going to CTI for our 1st Couples experience next march for my 40th. Now down to 262 days and the time is flying by.

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