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    I am about to book a trip, probably to CSS. Does anybody know which resort has the most beach volleyball? Is there any doubles volleyball?

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    We played beach volleyball a couple times a day at CSA.

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    On our last visit to CSA we played a couple of games before lunch, before it got just too hot. Though we did not play everyday, there were games started up nearly everyday that we were there. Lots of fun.

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    Last time we were in mexico there were 4 couples who played everyday and on one ecventful afternoon one of the gals got blasted in the mush. Talked about marsha brady moment, she went down like she was shot, blood that would have made "Carrie" proud ... Net net she suffered a broken nose and a slight concussion and if you never had a concussion bright lights and noise is not a good thing. If you are going to play play safe. i am sure the guy who spiked on her wishes he did

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    There is beach volleyball and pool volleyball. Both are available anytime of the day. If there isn't an official game, you can still get a ball and play on your own.
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    I think the resort with the most volleyball likely depends on which guests are there (and so inclined) during any given week.

    Most Couples resorts appear to have somewhat similar activities schedules, but just because it is scheduled doesn't mean it will occur, or have heavy participation. CN recently returned their schedule to 3 times per day, every day (beach in the AM and PM and pool at 2PM).

    We've noticed that on some trips to CN there can be very active, athletic participation, while other times there can be games where the coordinators give up because not enough want to play (rare).

    Have seen doubles volleyball a few times and surmised that they were either couples that traveled together or found kindred souls that wanted to play.

    There was an entertainment coordinator at CN (Mark) who was purportedly (and believably) on the Jamaican national team in the past, but he has been long gone.
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    Check the resort schedules...I know CSS lists Beach Volleyball as a scheduled event.

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    Thanks for the responses. I ended up booking at CSS. I hope there are some good volleyball games there.

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    CTI has been and pool volleyball. As stated, how often it's played depends on the guests that are at the resort. Chances are at any of the resorts, if you find someone to volley the ball to whether it's scheduled or not, you can play with possibly the exception of the pool volleyball as that net does not stay up. But again, chances are, if that's what you want, they will put it up.

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    Is there pool volleyball at CSS? In which pool?

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