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    Default Great House Jacuzzi Suite

    Hi Everyone,

    My Fiance' and I just booked our weddingmoon and we found that for only $270 more (total) we could upgrade to the great house jacuzzi suite!!! I'm wondering, is this room worth it? Has anyone stayed in this room before? Was the view amazing? DOes anyone have pictures of the view from this room?
    Any information and pictures would be helpful. I want to make sure that this room is worth the extra money (we're not rockafeller as my mother would day). Thank you!!!

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    You can view the room from the website. Just click on accommodations. I've never stayed in it, but my TA said great things about it. The only downside, which could also be an upside, us that it's right in the middle of everything. (the noise level at night might be an issue...)

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    I know what the room looks like. I did see it online. Im just wondering from anyone who has personally stayed there, if its loud in the evening (we're in bed by 10-ers) and if its worth the extra money. Thanks!

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    I'd go for it. There are only 4 of them on the resort and from everything I have read they are great. People seem to really love the jacuzzi tub and I've heard the views are spectacular. I haven't heard that they are loud. It's your weddingmoon and $270 really isn't that much. Indulge!

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