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    Default Can make up my mind, some help plz

    My wife and I plan to go to CN late Aug for anniversary.
    But the hurricane season is very worry-some.
    If I book through agent say Orbiz.
    What's going to happen to my trip and $$$ if I had a major one.
    What's going to happen if a small one hanging around and rain all day like 2008?

    Any suggestions? Thank you all

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    Default Re:Can make up my mind, some help plz

    My husband and I went in August 2006 and we had some hurricane issues for a couple of days but overall there were "no worries, mon" Go have a blast, get trip insurance. You will find plenty to do even if you have weather issues

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    Book when ever and how ever you like just make sure to get good trip insurance and no worries.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    Default which trip insurance covers hurricane?

    when I read the fine print, most of them don't.
    Like the one that orbiz offers, it clearly state no coverage for hurricane. I think trip insurance is a hype....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocku View Post
    when I read the fine print, most of them don't.
    Like the one that orbiz offers, it clearly state no coverage for hurricane. I think trip insurance is a hype....
    We needed to use our trip insurance once and had no problems getting our money back. I feel it is well worth its price...

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    can you wait until November? weather is still very nice in November and this it the tail end of hurricane season.

    August and September can be very busy w/ hurricanes. We had a friend that was there when a hurricane was coming and it was mass chaos, she said that she would NEVER go again in August or September, the trip insurance only paid for 2 days that the island had issued hurricane warnings.

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    We went to a resort in Cancun in 2005 and had to leave a day early due to "Emily". Trip insurance reimbursed us for the missed day and meals purchased on our way home (save your receipts) - very good investment. I cannot recall which insurance company it was but they all pretty much cover the same things. Just read before you purchase and you normally have a few days to review and cancel if you wish.

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    Trip insurance is not a hype, ours absolutely covers hurricanes. Not only does it say so in the brochure but I've discussed it with our travel agent. If you aren't finding what you want through an online agency then you may be better off to use a "live" travel agent. We've always preferred this option anyway so that if we have any problems or questions we have someone we can talk to, someone to help us out. We've never had issues but as soon as we decide to take matters into our own hands and book it on-line I'm just sure something will come up.

    As far as the likelihood of a hurricane hitting while you are there it's really pretty remote. If you have the trip insurance you'll get your money back (if you get the right plan) so you can truly book and not worry. But we go every year during hurricane season and I wouldn't change it, in 14 trips (this year will be 15) we've only had one year where a hurricane nearly ruined it. We had a couple days of rain and then it turned south and we had great weather.

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    Trip insurance is NOT a hype if you purchase the correct policy which is from a private vacation insurance company NOT from the supplier of your vacation. If anyone needs info on great trip insurance that does cover trip interuption from hurricanes and most other problems and can even have a cancel for any reason option for a little extra drop me a line
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    We were at CN last August when hurricane Gustav came through. It wasn't mass chaos. We are going back to CN August 22 through the 29th, the exact week we were there last year. According to, a hurricane will impact Jamaica once every five years or so. One hit last year and the year before. So I like our odds. For us, August is the perfect time to go. We love the hot weather, the warm ocean and pool, the longer days, and less crowd.

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    We are headed to CN late August as well. We will be there on August th until the 28th, we bought trip insurance but I am not worried. We have been to CN several times before in August and not have had a problem.

    And the good news is that because of el Nino the predictions are pretty good that there won't be a horrible hurricane season.

    Go enjoy, join us for a drink.

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