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    Default CN In 1 Week!

    Hi everyone -
    Victoria and I (below) are getting married on Saturday (July 18) and heading to CN for our Honeymoon July 20-27 (which is a surprise to her) thanks in large part to all the wonderful reviews here.

    I am obviously very excited having read through this messageboard and picked up some very useful information. I guess what I would like to know is what are the 'can't miss' features of the resort/negril. Everything from excursions to drinks at the bars are welcome tips - things that will give us a head start in our planning as first timers.

    My goal is to print out this thread at the end of the week and give it to her on the plane ride there so she can start getting even more excited about the trip and pick out some things she really wants to do. So if everyone just wants to write their favorite thing about CN or something I might not have thought about doing that you have discovered it would be greatly appreciated.

    Photo below for anyone who may be heading out next week and looking to meet up!

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    We just returned from CN. It was awesome!!! You are going to have a wonderful time. One of the best things we did there was to meet new people. It is so nice to be around all these couples who love each other. Everyone is in a good mood and it is a fun atmosphere. Really don't worry about missing out on anything. Just BEING there is all you need. Congrats!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You will love CN. By all means take advantage of the activities at CN. The catamaran cruise, the watersports are great. Try all the restaurants for dinner. Have a couples massage in the tree house. And try different drinks... start with the special each day, then ask the bartender to make you their specialty, try Red Stripe beer (brewed in Jamaica... it's quite good) and a drink with ginger beer (a Jamaican pop/soda with a bit of a bite) in it like a dark and stormy (dark rum & ginger beer) or a Moscow Mule (vodka and ginger beer) or a Couples Shuttle (Appleton rum and ginger beer... a few of those will take you anywhere you want to go... okay, I made that one up), and try the AN beach for an hour or so, go to the piano bar, take in the beach party, tie die a t-shirt on the beach....

    and just ENJOY!!!!!

    We love CN!!! We're sure you will too!!!!

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    My husband and I'll are arriving at CN on 7/25/09. (Click on my profile and I have an album of pics at CN.)

    You've chosen one of the best places possible for your honeymoon!

    Be sure to order the breakfast tray to your room.
    Get up early one morning and walk around the resort and beach.
    Stay up late one night and enjoy the piano bar.
    Get a couples massage in the treehouse or on the beach.
    Take the catamaran sunset aka booze cruise.
    Go snorkeling.
    Don't miss the beach party.
    Eat the Sushi at Lychee.
    Enjoy the red flag service on the beach, order as often as you like and try some of their specialties.

    Most of Relax & Enjoy!!
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    Congratulations to you and your bride! You are about to experience the honeymoon/vacation of a lifetime. My husband and I were there for our first Couples trip last November and till this day have been known to drive our friends and family a little crazy talking about it. Enjoy every minute of it! She will love this surprise!!!
    Make sure you go to Lychee and order a Lychee Martini (with gin instead of Vodka). MMMMMMM! Go snorkeling, the water sports crew makes it alot of fun! If Shrek is still there, ask him to teach or play boccee ball with you both! Get a tree house massage, best massage ever! We enjoyed meeting all the beautiful couples, staff and now lifelong friends.
    Looking forward to reading your review after the honeymoon! Congratulations again and many years of love and happiness to you and your soon to be wife!

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    Congratulations, what a wonderful surprise for your new bride.

    Don't forget to talk a walk down the beach to the Office of Nature, it is a great place to get some local flavor. Also, I would take the walk to the craft market across the street. You can find some great local crafts there.

    I also wanted to second what Ladydi said, get up early one morning and wander the resort and the beach. You will meet some wonderful people as the day begins.

    Have a great time.

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    Default be there Tuesday

    Your picture did come through. But look for the hillbilly with the biggest smile and it will be me.....Wife has more class. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

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