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    Default June 2 American Flight 1233

    Was anyone else on this horrible flight? This is the flight that was bound from MBJ to Dallas and which diverted to Houston, where passengers deplaned, went through customs, and then the plane departed without baggage. The problem is that they took all the original tags off of the luggage in Houston and put new IAH-DFW tags, with no notation about where the final destination of the bags should be.

    The baggage was left behind in Houston and then...what? Does anyone have their bags from this flight? When we were rebooked on the early morning connecting flight (since we missed our original connection in Dallas due to the diversion), it was so early that we chose to stay overnight in the airport instead of risking missing our morning flight. As a result, we couldn't go to the baggage area after we arrived. We went early the next morning and they claimed that the bags had not arrived in Dallas and that we should file a missing baggage report in our home city, which we did. However, our bags are still listed as not located this afternoon and we're worried. The agent at our home airport indicated this is a very nonstandard procedure and needs to know whether the bags are in Houston, Dallas, or where now.

    Does anyone have information to share about the baggage situation on the Wednesday, June 2 Montego Bay to Dallas flight?

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    I appreciate the procedures that TSA submits us to as passengers... but in this case, I think that heads should roll at American... this is a serious breech of security procedure, in my opinion. Why is it that they will probably not be held accountable for THAT?

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    Why were you rerouted to Houston in the first place? Good luck finding your luggage

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    There was a big storm that was over the DFW airport that day. We live just east of the airport and didn't get a drop of rain.
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    Update to this - both bags showed up unexpectedly on our doorstep today, which is a miracle. I hope anyone else on this same flight got theirs back as well.

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    as the number of airlines shrink the customer service has declined as well. we travelers are consumers without choices. flights going poof. hubs being vaporized by mergers. nonstop flights that were once full go bye bye. the consumer pays more and more and gets way less. Spirit Air and their payment for carryon bags really irks me.

    it's a mess and not getting any better. pretty soon everyone will be paying for a sip of anything to drink on a plane or the crumbs they pass out as a snack.

    almost getting to the point where the few remaining airlines are monopoly and you just have to take it to get where you want to go.same day travel may be a thing of the past.


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    Elainchick, glad you got your bags back. Hopefully your next flight won't be a problem.

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