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    Default 2 Days before Jamaica!!

    We're staying at Couples, arriving June 5. Our flight lands (God willing it's on time)at 2 at MBJ. How long is the ride from the airport to the resort? SOOO excited and can't wait to hit the water, sand, bar.....
    Anyone else staying at Couple during that time? We're Deb and Randy...glad to meet you, in advance!

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    The ride from the airport is 90 minutes, depending on traffic and whether you make a beer and bathroom stop. You should also figure about an hour from when you land until you are through customs and immigration.

    Have fun, you will love it.

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    We'll try to meet up with y'all at the piano bar Sunday night. We'll be the stocky dark headed guy with the tall blond wife.

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    Thank you Blondie for the info! Wylie...sounds like a deal. I'll be the short, auburn woman with the TALL (6'6") man. Your names? AND, where is the piano bar? If you're living in Wylie, Texas...we're practically neighbors.

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