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    Okay, so we decided on CSA for our honeymoon, booking is underway tomorrow! Now, as far as the room goes, Garden Verandah Suite or Great House Verandah Suite?! I don't suspect we'll be in the room too much but I am worried we won't get the FULL experience with the Great House, but i like the location of it.

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    We have the same question! We booked the Atrium Suite at CSA, but now we are questioning our decision. Should we upgrade to the Great House Verandah or Garden Verandah? I've read other posts about the noise level in different locations. Experienced opinions are appreciated!

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    It really depends on the atmosphere you are wanting. We like the older side of the resort which is more rustic and, in my opinion, more romantic. The great house area has more going on as far as its location to what is offered on that side of the resort. It is in the new end of the property. Any of the rooms that have the “veranda” in the description are located in the newer side of the resort closest to the great house. I personally would not stay in the great house due to its location to all the possible noise sources. Just my opinion though. We prefer the beach front suites which are located in the middle of the resort.

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    We have stayed in both categories. They were both excellent. The Great House location was awesome, as it was very convenient to Patois, Aura lounge, internet room, casino, pool, etc. Also, we had an awesome ocean view. However, we also loved the location of the Garden Verandah though because of the lushness of the foliage and central location to everywhere in the resort. It really was a toss up for us, however I think we will prefer for now on to stay in a Garden Verandah suite just because we prefer the "jungly garden" feel that the room gave us. I would say let your budget dictate and be comforted in knowing that CSA will be amazing and you will be out and about the property so much that the room will really be secondary.

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    Also in regards to noise, we did not feel outside noise was a problem in either of our rooms. We just closed the window in the bathroom and closed the bathroom door to block road noise at night in the Garden Verandah Suite. We did not have a problem with noise in the Great House which is surprising since the nightclub is in there. I am somewhat of a light sleeper too. I think sleeping with the air conditioner on helps too.

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