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    Default Beer on Shuttle to CN

    My wife and I are going back to CN next June. I know they have Red Stripe for you at the couples lounge, but will they let you take a couple on the bus??
    If not I have heard of people stopping and buying some, do you have to ask him to? The guy who drove us last time did not even say a word the entire time not even a pit stop for the bathroom.

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    They will ask you before you get on the bus and the guy will run next door to the gas station for you and buy as many as you want. Just bring a bottle opener if you are not good with a lighter opening a beer.
    Shane and Cathy

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    pick up a six pack before you get on the bus either at the m vill right outside or ask the bus driver and he will send someone - bring along a bottle opener and vote to not stop ...
    there you go !!!

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