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    Default Fly or ground transportation

    We are visiting CSA for the first time Feb 28-March 6 2011. They made mention of the 1 1/2 hour shuttle from the airport to CSA. Or you can fly which will take 15 min. Any idea the flight cost and if it is worth it? Do you see alot on the shuttle from the airport to CSA as far as sightseeing goes? Looking forward to responses, Cynthia and Stephen

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    You will probably receive a lot of different answers and opinions to your post. Check for pricing. If you have never taken the shuttle it can be entertaining depending on your driver. Our last trip we took Timair to CSA and will on our next trip as we enjoyed the view along the coast and the time saved. Whatever means of travel you decide enjoy the trip and CSA as well. No worries.

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    Last time I priced it out TimAir was about 225.00 for two people each way. The shuttle ride is not that bad. You see alot of "REAL" Jamaica. I personally enjoy the ride to the resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
    We are visiting CSA for the first time Feb 28-March 6 2011. They made mention of the 1 1/2 hour shuttle from the airport to CSA. Or you can fly which will take 15 min. Any idea the flight cost and if it is worth it? Do you see alot on the shuttle from the airport to CSA as far as sightseeing goes? Looking forward to responses, Cynthia and Stephen
    ....From the shuttle, you get to see some sights of Jamaica. Plus, depending on the driver, a lot of stories. To me, this was an added bonus. Leaving the resort we had a driver named "Elliot", who kept us laughing the entire way to the airport.

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    The ride really isn't bad, the hour and a half goes by really fast. The driver will stop at one of the road side bars so you can use the bathroom and grab a couple of Red Stripes. As far as sight seeing goes but it is interesting seeing the different life styles, vegitation and animal life on the way. Also a good way to meet people that you will more than likely be seeing and partying with during your stay! Have Fun!!!

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    When we stayed at CN in March 2010, the cost for two people round trip to/from Negril was $418. For us, it's worth the additional cost, but not all guests agree.

    Even if you don't plan to fly to Negril at the beginning of your vacation, you might want to consider flying back to MoBay at the conclusion of your trip. In years past, flying back to MoBay has enabled us to remain at the resort for an extra two hours, and that's always allowed us to spend the entire morning on the beach and have one last lunch at CN before heading to the airport.

    When we were there in March, however, we were (mistakenly) scheduled for ground transportation; flying to MoBay enabled us to stay on the resort premises for an extra three hours. There may have been road construction or some other issue that was prompting CN to send guests on their way earlier than has been typical in our prior 10+ stays. More recent guests would be better able to say whether departures from the Negril resorts are still departing earlier than usual.
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    My wife and I have flown with TimAir many times and I would advise anyone to do it at least once because it is a beautiful flight on a sunny day and can be remembered as a highlight of a trip to Negril. It was for us. There have been times that we took TimAir one way and the bus the other way.
    Since the road has been improved that bus trip to Negril has been taking us under 90 minutes, even with a beer stop along the way. The bus ride varies. We have had it take as little as 75 minutes before since the road was improved. Traffic in Lucea can slow that down at times, as can construction issues. Back when we first started going to Negril 20 years ago the bus to Negril always too 2 hours and sometimes 3. The bus ride is so much nicer and quicker today that we tend to do that almost all the time now. The rates to fly to Negril have changed a lot since we first used to fly to Negril, but they vary quite a bit. You can get a quote by visiting along with other informationyou might need.
    Keep in mind that while the flight is only 15 minutes it still takes a while to get to your resort. The plane is sometime ready to go when you get there, sometimes it is not. The flight is usually quicker than the bus, but often not by as much as you might expect. We even had one time when the bus got to our resort ahead of us. The flight is amazing and a nice experience though. The time savings is not what it used to be though.
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    The shuttle is very interesting and you see a side of Jamaica that you won't see if you fly. The drive is lovely and it is a great way to meet other couples that will be at the resort the same time you are there.

    The flight you would take is with Tim Air. You can contact them via their website at and request a quote. If I recall correctly, the last time we flew it was $370 round trip for the two of us.
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    Default Tim Air

    Personally we like to take the shuttle from MoBay to CSA. You get to see the county side and usually our flight gets in around 3 pm. It takes an hour to clear customs and immigration, so by the time you get to the Couples Lounge it's 4 pm. 80-90 minutes to CSA, drink a few beers on the way and you are there. If you take the TimAir flight you will get there quicker, but it's so late in the day all you do is go for drinks and dinner anyway.

    Now on the way home it's another story. When we were at CSA in March the shuttle was leaving 5 hours ahead of time. There is road construction just outside of MoBay. The TimAir flight left 2 1/2 hours before our flight. We had lunch at Seagrapes, took a shower at the Sports Complex and then CSA arranged for a van to take us to the Negril Air Strip. Tip the van driver and the luggage guy. Buy a cold Red Stripe from the lady at the "terminal" and wait for Curtis to fly you back. We always tip the pilot $20. In March it was $214 for the two of us to fly one way.


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    We absolutely love the ride from the airport on the bus. It gives you an excellent opportunity to view the country and you ride through several interesting towns along the way. It really is a highlight for us. I have heard the plane ride is great too, but for the price we always felt like the bus ride was much more realistic for us.

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    Cynthia, If this is your first time to Jamaica you should take the shuttle bus. You really get to see the country side while on the bus. We have been to CN 7 times and 1 to CTI. We took TimAir for the first time last year. It was amazing!! TimAir was $105 per person one way. We still checked into the Couple lounge and had a red stripe but from the time we landed in Mobay to the time we landed in Negril was 45 minutes. We got through customs very fast. If you would like to see pictures of the flight email me at in the subject put TimAir pics.

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    You could split the difference: Take the van into CSA, then fly out. You'll get the best of both worlds and you'll save some $$ by not booking a RT flight (it was $214 per couple one way from Negril to Mobay back in April). And personally, I'd do it in that specific order to boot. Driving into the resort, you're still eager, and you're seeing the nice Jamaican village & countryside during your travel. When it's time to leave, you'll appreciate the extra time you'll be able to spend at CSA, then enjoy a gorgeous view of the Jamaica coastline from the air.

    When we were in Negril about six weeks ago, there was road construction taking place, so by opting to fly out instead of going with the van, it allowed for us to enjoy CN almost 4 additional hours. You may not save that much time now if the construction isn't as bad, but you'll still save a bunch of time.

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    Thank you all so much! 268 days till we are on our way from New Orleans to Jamaica!!!! Anyone going in Feb of 2011? We get there the 28th, Renew our vows on the 2nd of March and we stay till the 6th! This is my first time outside the united states! I can't wait to see blue water and feel the white sand below my feet all with a rum drink in my one hand and my husbands hand in the other!!!!

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