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    Default Late Dining at CSA

    Just curious if anyone can tell me if they have late night dining. I see on the website description that one looks like it is open until 5:00am but I am not sure if that is a typo lol...we like to have munchies late at night sometimes especially if we have been up late having drinks.

    If anyone can tell me I would really appreciate it...we leave this Sunday and we are getting so excited I don't think I have ever researched as much for a hotel as this one...and I am a travel agent lol go figure!

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    cabana grill is open way late you will be fine

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    Food is available 24/7. After breakfast service ceases, the Cabana Grill opens, and it remains open until dinner time. After dinner service is concluded, the Grill reopens and remains open throughout the night until the main dining room starts to serve a continental breakfast.

    I note that on CSA's web page it indicates that the Cabana Grill is open from 11 am until 5 am. When we were at CSA in July 2008, the Grill did close during dinner service. More recent/frequent CSA guests will be better able to comment on whether this is still true or whether our experience was unusual.
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    It's not a typo. The grill is open most of the night. We went there at 1:00am after a rather late arrival to the resort. Try the snapper sandwich.

    This is off the CSA web page:

    Cabana Grill --

    Located next to the shores of Negril’s most magnificent beach, the Cabana Grill offers a variety of mouthwatering sandwiches, salads, jerk chicken and just about everyone’s favorite casual food choices.

    No Dress Code, swimsuits acceptable
    Daily 11:00am to 5:00am

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    That would be the cabana grill and yes its open till 5 am. The grill is the least formal of all the restaurants at CSA. Make sure you try the snapper sandwich,the meat pie, the onion rings,jerk chicken all excellent.

    Also make sure you go to the piano bar at 9pm, Ultimate Choc. is a must experience.

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    The Cabana Grill which is located between the Great House/Patois Patio restaurant and the pool bar is open till 5am. We didn't care for the food the few times we ate there. If it's just munchies and not a meal you're looking for it'll probably be ok. During the day we much prefered the munchies and lunch at the Sea Grapes Cafe on the beach near the water sports shack. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    The Cabana Grill is open in the wee hours of the morning. It is the perfect place to get a late night snack.

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    the grill by the swim up bar is open 'til 5am. they have snapper sandwiches, jerk chicken, patties, french fries and some others! JERK CHICKEN IS AWESOME!

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    i am also curious about this one! hope someone answers!

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    It's not a typo.
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    I dont think its a typo. We are leaving Tuesday and I am curious too! But from my understanding and reading this message board its open that late...How long are yall staying?? we are at CSA from June 8-12.

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    The beach grill adjacent to the swim up bar/pool is open all night, or at least till 5 AM as you noted. You can get some late night munchies and soft drinks at the grill. If you are into late night runs for some decadent and not terribly health minded grill food, this is the spot for you. Yummm.

    You will love CSA. We are leaving in about 12 days for our fourth trip back home. Have a great trip!

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    Yes, the grille is open till super late/early. Not that I am ever awake past 12.

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    yes indeed, the Cabana Grill is the spot for late night munchies.


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    Great thank you everyone for the info much appreciated. We arrive this Sunday for one week and cannot wait!!

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