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    Default Single- digits!!!

    We will be leaving for CSA in 249 hours and 23 seconds!! I sure hope i did the math rigth!!! LOL Whatever the case, we will be there in 11 days!!!!!!!!

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    249/24 =10 not exactly single digits lol hopefully your profession doesnt translate into precise math requirements lol .. have fun but thanks for sharing a new defintion of single digits lol....

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    11 days is single digits???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffmon View Post
    11 days is single digits???
    i read 11 is a single digit if on jamacian time lol...

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    Whatever the case single digit or not. I will also be there soon. CSA- June 13th. Time to start packing...............

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    Awwe Lucky you!!!! Have a great time! We are coming home to CSA in November, and cannot wait - wish it was 'single digits' too, instead on 5 months!

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    oh boy do i feel like a dummy!! LOL well now it's single digits!!! 6 days and counting!!!

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    Just 5 more days!!! I keep hoping it will go a little faster, but it just seems to go slower!! I just can't wait!

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    I'll be arriving in 61 days and counting down. You talking about excited, my hubby now knows why where going and he is that much more excited then when I first told him... Couples famly we'll be there soon.

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