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    Default November 2010 - young couples

    Hey everyone! Greetings from not so sunny London!! My husband (Mike) and I are repeat visitors to CSA, and will be there from 11 Nov - 27 Nov 2010. We would love to meet you all!!
    Liezl and Michael Ruurds

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    Hi Liezl!

    My husband Andy and I will be there the 8th thru the 15th! We're renewing our vows since this year was our 5th wedding anniversary. no kids, no stress!!! can't wait!! we're having our ceremony the day you come it's not too far away now!!! yay!!

    adriane miller

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    Liezl And Michael,
    We will be there from Nov 12th thru the 19th before going to Couples Negril to finish off our vacation on the 23rd. This is our second trip to CSA and our 6th to Couples Negril. We are now doing the "double digit boogie" as we are now down to 96 days till we get back to Couples. We will keep our eyes open for you guys as it is easy to miss people at CSA with the big beach and the large resort. didn't meet the couple from our last trip till our last day. We just never crossed paths. Anyway, we are ready to go and can't wait to see all down there. Have a safe (long from the UK) trip and when we meet, the drinks are on me!!!
    Doug n Carolyn

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    Hey Doug and Carolyn / Adriane and Andy!
    Cannot wait to meet you all!
    Mike and I will also buy a round of drinks LOL
    Adriane, we are renewing our vows also! I'm struggling to find the right dress for the occasion.
    Whoohoo! Roll on Jamaica! Safe flight to you all - we should meet up at the swim up bar!

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    yay for renewing vows!! i STILL haven't gone to get a dress!! i was thinking i'd get a cheap one that maybe wasn't full length, something that would breathe and not be too uncomfortable. swim up bar for sure! i think you get there the day we are renewing our vows. it's getting CLOSER!!!


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    Here in Southern New England, the leaves are turning colors, the days are cooler and the night are gettin chilly.
    The good news is that we are now down to 60 days, 15 hours and
    58 min till wheels up on our way to Paradise! Better put, in 9 weeks we will have made our transfer to our Montego Bay bound flight in Miami as I write this message. "SWEET"
    Nine more weekends and we be Jammin in Jamaica!!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you guys at the pool bar on the afternoon of the 12th of November. Hope we are all set for some serious partying!!!

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    less than a month for all of us i believe- woo hoo!

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    Ah yes, so it is!!! I know for a fact that the week before we fly out I will be absolutely useless @ work as my head will be in Negril. Looking forward to meet you all.

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    Hi ALL !!!! We will be going to CSA from Nov 14th -20th...celebrating our 10th anniversary. This is our first time at a couples resort and we can't wait!!!!!! Looking forward to meeting all of you!!! Jen and Chuck

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    Hi Jen and Chuck,
    Congrats on 10 yrs! We must all meet up for a drink & to celebrate! Time is flying by, and soon we will be be sunning ourselves in Jamaica - it can't come soon enough for my liking. London is becoming more rainy and grey by the week.

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    We are now down to 23 days before wheels up and we will be on our way to paradise. Hopefully the weather will improve as it has been nasty in Jamaica the past couple of days (liquid sunshine).
    We are looking forward to meeting all of you. Sure sounds like there will be some serious partying going on. I know we will be cranking it up once we arrive at CSA. Anyway, we will be looking for all of you by the pool bar on the mid-afternoon on the 12th.
    It come real soon

    Doug n Carolyn

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    We are getting married 11/5/10!!!!

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    17 days.....

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    Just 15 more days to paradise. will be at the Tikki hut just before the pool for happy hour at 4:00 PM on the 12th. Looking forward to meeting all. I

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    Just 15 more sleeps till paradise. Will be at the Tiki Hut just before you get to the pool bar on the beach for happy hour on the 12th as we will have just arrived. Looking forward to meeting all. Wheels-up at 6:00am on the 12th with cocktails for breakfast. CSA, here we come.

    Doug n Carolyn

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    Hey all!

    My husband and I are going to be down from the 21st until the 1st for our honeymoon. Super excited! Can't believe it's almost time!

    Heather & Pat

    Heather & Pat
    Honeymoon @ CSA
    Nov 21 2010 - Dec 1 2010

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