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    We haven't had any problems with bugs @ CTI and constantly remark how amazing that is -- living near the mosquito heaven of the universe (Minnesota). Even flies aren't that bad, last time we were there in October they had bags of water on the bar, but this time no such bags. Both times, the only bugs we ever saw were near the soda machines and were of the sugar bees variety.

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    Stay off the sand after it rains. Thats when they come up. They also come out at dusk and in the mornings (sand fleas). Skin-so-Soft from Avon supposedly works and bring some benadryl just in case.

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    The only time we ever had a problem with bug bites was night strolls on the beach in the sand...sand fleas. Definitely protect your legs if you are planning on night strolls, or participating in an event on the beach in the evening or night. We never had any problems in the room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palermo7 View Post
    The bed bug bites can be extremely sensitive on skin but there are a lot of methods to get instant relief from bites. You can try calamine lotion or can apply ice pack for that. I recently had bites on skin so tried these remedies. I also tried heat treatment for bed bugs removal. It also worked.
    Are you saying there were bedbugs at the resort? I've never heard of this and am pretty skeptical that this is what you encountered.

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    Went to Swept away last year and got bit up pretty good. Went this year, stayed in the same spot on the beach and didn't get one bite. I used a product called No-See-Um. It's all natural. Made in Fla. Can't say if this is the only reason I didn't get bit... but I'm bringing more next year. It's a spray and I just hit from the knees down.

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