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    Default Cameras or cell phones @ Tower Isle Island

    Is there a policy restricting photography @ CTI on the nude island. Would not really like to find my picture posted on the web or anything.

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    Yes, there is a policy restricting photo taking on the AN Tower Isle. If someone abuses that policy they could be asked to leave the resort. I beleive someone taking pictures on the AN island could cause more of a problem then people not adhering to the totally all nude policy which has also been a problem in recent months

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    No photography in any AN area at Couples.
    Irie Mon

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    1sttimerAN, you won't find anyone carelessly snapping picture right and left, but in the past, it has been know to happen that couples have taken very discreet pictures of themselves on TI.

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    I asked another couple out there to shoot a few pics of my girl and I on different parts of the island. Just be sure you keep the frame tight. I made sure to have the resort, the sea, or the tower in the background so that there was ZERO chance of catching a glimpse of anybody else.

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    I have seen many couples doing private photo shoots on the right (more private) side of the island. I would offer standard au naturel rules apply.

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    I'd hate to come back from the island without some special photos of my wife and me all AN and stuff. Could we bring a camera and have the bartender keep it at the bar and do all of the photography of us? The camera could stay under his care until we leave for the day.

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    We take our cameras with us to the island (since they are already in our beach bags). We too have taken pics on the island but only taken them of our consenting group and not without notifying all those around us that we have the camera out.

    We always check with those around us to make sure we are not making them uncomfortable and of course, we NEVER take pics with other people in them!

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    Just returned from CTI. Several couples took pics of themselves and asked us to take pics of them. Everyone was respectful not to include anyone else in the pics. Several arrived early or stayed late when few are present. There are great spots on specific points to take them overlooking the ocean. Ask and have fun.

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    We took a few pics on the island, of ourselves and some friends we met. Kept the frame tight, limited the photo session to 5 minutes and most of the photos involved all of us hiding behind a table in the pool anyway. The bartender and water sports staffer were both very vigilant and I am confident that if they had seen us taking pictures of anyone else they would have put a stop to it in a heartbeat. I cannot even describe how at ease nearly everyone on the island is. Going over there and taking voyeuristic photos is probably the last thing on any island visitor's mind.

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    We just returned from CTI. One day a man on the island tried to take a picture of his wife, and was told to put the camera away by the bartender. Didn't see anyone taking pictures last week.

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    We took some pics of the resort from the island, just made sure we only took pics away from people not at them, then when we left the island one day we asked a lady to take our pic by the tower, we were all clothed and getting on the last boat though. Just be smart about it and you will be ok!

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    We always try to get there at least one morning during the week for some photos from the island and of the island before others get there. Or we try to be the last on the island to get photos after others are dressed so they aren't uncomfortable.

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    Back to the original question of this post --- "Is there a policy restricting photography @ CTI on the nude island. Would not really like to find my picture posted on the web or anything."

    I think its naive to think that just because there is a policy that everyone at Couples (or any resort) is respectful enough to abide by it. While I enjoy both AN and CO beaches and believe 99.9% of those who attend are very respectful of other people, especially at AN beaches - I think you are kidding yourself to think you have no chance of a stranger taking your pic at Couples or anywhere else that is AN. You know the saying - there's one in every crowd. Many cameras and phones are so small now and very easy to conceal. Just go to cocozella or voyeurweb or even flickr and you can find a ton of pics of people who were cleary photographed without their consent or knowledge.

    I'm not trying to dissuade anybody from experiencing AN, in fact since you first posted in January hopefully you already enjoyed it. Its an awesome experience and one that most of us can only do one week a year before we return to the real / clothed world. Unfortunately there is a small risk you take anytime you take your clothes off unless its in your own home. Look at poor Erin Andrews in the privacy of her own hotel room. Another example is the gym I work out at, they caught a guy taking pics of naked guys in the mens locker room. Now if you are caught with a cell phone or camera anywhere in the gym, you lose your membership and are barred for life.

    Unfortunately its all part of the risk of going nude at a beach today. Its a small risk, but if you don't think anyone at Couples would do such a thing you are lying to yourself.

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    Yes, pictures are taken on the island, but the pictures are taken for the people in the picture.

    YOUR picture will not be taken unless you bring your gear and ask someone to take it. No worry, go enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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