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    Default couples massage?

    Hi all,
    Quick question. So I was on the site again last nite and noticed that you can book spa services online prior to arriving. I also noticed that when I was looking into a couples massage it read "web deal" for $210-55 min.

    My question is: will the price be the same if I book when I get to the resort, since I usually don't plan what time and day we get massages until we actually get down there and feel the vibes. We prefer to go with the flow as opposed to pre-planning everything.

    Thanks in advance.
    Every'ting IRIE!!!!

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    The price will be the same. I actually booked our massage ahead of time, and they only charged me 1/2 the price, and then they charged the other $105 when we got there. Same prices, great massages. =)

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    Oh my goodness I just cannot justify that price, I will just have to get my husband to do it. The holiday alone without the kids is an indulgence in itself.

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