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    Default Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by LEEWALTMAN View Post
    KosmoNut-What brand/type of camera do you have? Your pics are awesome and very vivid!!
    Thank you Lee. I appreciate the compliment.

    I shoot a Canon EOS 550D T2i. I picked it up earlier this year and am very happy with it. Really though, any decent dSLR with a decent lens can give you good results when used properly.

    Do you shoot much?

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    Default Our dream wedding at Swept Away

    Our dream wedding at the most beautiful place on earth-Couples SA. January 16-26

    1. My handsome groom
    2. Awesome shot through the chandelier in the great house
    3. I was hoping that he wouldnt drop me on our wedding day
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    Default Our fav 3 photos from our Honeymoon in Couples Negril

    Name:  Jamaica 086.3.jpg
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    Sunset on the first night of our honeymoon.

    Name:  Jamaica 812.jpg
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    The limbo man went under a stick on fire being supported by nothing but empty beer bottles!!! Scary, but very cool.

    Name:  Jamaica 583.7.jpg
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    Gorgeous view from the beach of the sunset, just after our Catamaran cruise.

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    Default Honeymoon at CSS

    We recently went to Jamaica for the first time for our honeymoon at CSS.
    Sailing into the sunset
    Name:  105_0752.jpg
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    Dusk Scenery
    Name:  105_0776.jpg
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    Hobie on the Sea
    Name:  105_1125.jpg
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    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Default May at Couples Negril

    We went to CN for our honeymoon May 9-15 and we had the time of our lives! Here are a few of our favorites from the trip...

    1. Going off the slide on the catamaran cruise head first
    2. The sunset from our balcony
    3. Looking back at CN from the boat, our balcony is in this picture!
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    Default June photo contest

    We had such a great time at CSS last month and are already planning our return!! The staff were one of the main reasons why Couples will always be at the top of our minds when we are thinking of getting away.

    This picture is a panorama of the view from our suite (G16) we would recommend this room to anyone, and hope to get it again upon our return!
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    Another day in paradise... The Randazzos
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    Default june photos cti

    England flag flying high on tower isle ready for the world cup after a 6am swim over!
    Name:  101_0218.jpg
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    sunrise CTI Name:  101_0149.jpg
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    Default Couples San Souci Memorial Day Trip 2010

    We had a great time at the Couples San Souci. It was all absorbing the laid back feeling and breath-taking views.
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    Default June Photo Contest!!!!!

    1. It was a loooong day of laying out on the beach, drinking Red Stripe, and relaxing! What a hard life, LOL! Sorry babe I couldn't resist posting this, love you!
    2. Beach Bar CSA we loved this place, best bartenders ever! Miss you guys!!!
    3. View from our Garden Verandah Suite! What more could a person ask for! We love CSA!!!
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    Default June Photo Contest

    This was on our wall of fame trip June 2010 at CSA.

    Another color of Jamiaca,what a firey night at Lemongrass!
    Name:  197.jpg
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    A little liquid sunshine to cool the day and calm you soul!
    Name:  058.jpg
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    Fresh flowers around every turn.
    Name:  190.jpg
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    Default June Photo Contest

    Just returned from our most recent trip (15th) to Couples Tower Isle to celebrate our 31st Anniversary. Here are some fun pictures we took this trip.
    1. Room with a View
    2. No Trouble on this Horizon
    3. Taking a Short Nap
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    Does anyone know if the results for May were announced? The post on the message board says that the results were announced, but the main website has not been updated.

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    Default June Photo Contest

    My wife and I visited Couples San Souci on April 25th and were lucky enough to both celebrate our first wedding anniversary there and attend my sister-in-law's wedding on site. It was an amazing stay.

    1) A wonderful first year of marriage punctuated by a wonderful stay at Couples San Souci.

    2) What struck us most was just how stunning the site was.

    3) Taking great shots of beautiful Jamaican sunsets is like shooting fish in a barrel, but it's well worth doing.

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    We went to Couple Negril for our honeymoon last November. The first day we lounged on the beach and this "three piece band" sung us the most beautiful love song, which I am still trying to find. One of the days we found a tree that when you pulled the branches together it made a heart around you, which of course we had to take a picture of. Above all of the other pictures the one of us at the table and candles is my favorite. On our last night we decided to get the romantic private dinner. As we walked up the song that I walked down the aisle to was playing which absolutely brought me to tears. It was the most romantic dinner I've ever been to and it was a perfect finish to a perfect week. We are hoping to go back soon to one of the Couples Resorts in Jamaica.
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    Default Awesome 30th anniversary @ Couples Tower Isles

    We're coming back this August and can't wait to return to paradise on earth.
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    Default June Photo Contest

    We were just like two kids in love...
    Name:  phpbNV1sqPM.jpg
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    When our two hearts became one...
    Name:  phplLpH76PM.jpg
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    Jump for love...
    Name:  phpTuWwDQPM.jpg
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    Default Best vacation ever

    We went to Couples Swept Away from June 8-12. It was probably our best vacation ever. Very relaxing and a lot of stuff to do. We are already planning our next trip back.
    Enjoy the photos!

    Jeff and Jana
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    Default Paradise Found

    We honeymooned at Couples Swept Away from May 30-June 5. It was the perfect way to begin our new life together as husband and wife. It was truly paradise found!
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    Default June Photo Contest fro Mar + Tammy Gamre;

    our trip at Sans Souci was a rye delight... From the beaches to the pools, activities, and especially the Spa, our time there was romantinc and relaxing. We never wanted to leave! Three examples:

    An evening sunset from our Ocean Suite balcony after an incredible day at the Spa....
    Attachment 7372

    A private, romantic view of the Bach view from an alcove, Couples Sans Souci
    Attachment 7373

    My wife Tammy enyoys fun in the sun on the Main Beach, Couples Sans Souci
    Attachment 7374

    ...what a fantastic getaway!

    Mark Gambrel

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    Kris and Jamie
    October of...well...every year

    One way to profess love and dedication. A constant reminder of where we were united, and the love we share.

    Another way... (also "What do we do when it rains")

    Crowds? No thanks.
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    Default Can it get any better?

    When we tell people this was the view from the walk out balcony in our room

    Followed by getting served drinks while lounging in the pool

    Topped off by a spectacular sunset over Bloody Bay, we decided it was our best vacation yet, and this was just our first 4 hours.
    Zachary & Kim
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    Default CTI just keeps getting better!

    Another wonderful stay at Couples Tower Isle May 29th - June 5th 2010

    1. Chocolate Martinis on the rooftop

    2. Twilight

    3. The beach awaits
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    deleted. double post.
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    Default 2nd time home

    This was our second time to CSA (June 4-13). It was just as wonderful as the first.
    1) Sun setting as we returned from the sunset cruise.
    Name:  IMG_0687 (Small).jpg
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    2) Refreshing shrimp cocktail at the Palms restaurant.
    Name:  IMG_0751 (Small).jpg
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    3) Diving with Glen-Roy and the CSA dive team (You guys rock!)
    Name:  IMG_0490 (Small).JPG
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    THANKS CSA, John&Tracy.

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