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    Default July photo contest

    Hello Everyone,

    So sorry for the delay. Be extra creative this month! June winners announced shortly!
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
    Couples Resorts!

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    Default Palm tree

    Working around the house for my honey and hit my finger with a hammer. The next day I looked and had a little palm tree under my finger nail. Win or not, I thought I'd share the picture (:
    Mike and Amanda- Houston Texas
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    That's so cute!!! ....

    ...but I'm sorry you hurt your finger!!

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    Our May visit to CSS
    1. The beautiful uncrowded bay at CSS. All visitors have this photo from this spot!
    2. A nice touch at check in. Flower petals on a towel were on the bed.

    3. A small hermit crab
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    Default it!

    The Mineral Gratto is the most calming peace. The pool beneth the sign is a cool place to soak your feet and see small fish swim

    The wedding gazebo sitting in the sunlight just waiting for the next wedding to experience it's breath takeing view.

    The sun shines so bright on the water it is like shimmering glitter ont he water...
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    One photo did not make it on prior post.

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    1. Boat in the bay at Sans Souci
    2. Crackers
    3. Panoramic view from D-21 Penthouse (composed of 10 pictures)
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    the blue parrot is actually Anita
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Default CSS Honeymoon

    My Husband and I visited CSS for the first time in June for our honeymoon.

    Every corner of the resort has couples in mind:

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    Monkey Brains at the Swim Up Bar:

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    Everyone has this shot, but the hobie makes it even more picturesque:

    Name:  105_0909.jpg
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    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    We were first-time guests at CSS February 2010. Previous Jamaica vacations were to the former Grand Lido Negril. Absolutely no comparison. Hoping to return to CSS again February 2011.

    My photos:

    1) DJ personalizing a piece of pottery with our names and date
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    2) Spinning a bicycle wheel the hard way
    Name:  firewheel.jpg
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    3) No way this fire is going to burn me !
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    Thanks for sharing!^^
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    Default Branching out at CSA

    After three visits (the last for our wedding) to Couples Negril, we recently spent a week at Couples Swept Away. Interesting to see how much my husband's chin resembles local vegetation!

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    Default A Whole Lotta Lovin' for Jamaica

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    Ultimate Chocolate brings out the Rockstar in All of Us!

    Name:  get-attachment-1.aspx.jpeg
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    "Make you want to move your dancin' feet..."

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    Swept Away

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    Default Couples Tower Isle (June / July)

    A few pictures from our trip to Couples Tower Isle:

    View from the pool:

    View from our room's balcony:

    Horseback riding trip:

    View from the plantation of white river:

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    Default A perfect reflection of our perfect vacation.......

    Tree of Life, Couples San Souci
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    Photo #1: A honeymoon kiss shared under the Jamaican sunset
    Photo #2: "Captured by love" of a beautiful heart tree at Couples Negril
    Photo #3: The playful side of love at Couples Negril
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    Default Couples Tower Isle, June 2010/July Photo Contest

    I saw God today.....These are some of the samples of the beauty we see at Couples Tower Isle
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    Default This & That

    From our second honeymoon from June 26, 2010 to July 3, 2010 at Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios:

    1. Our private candlelit dinner just feet from the ocean.
    2. The pelican friend on the lake outside of the entrance to our room.
    3. From left to right--Charlie's Spa tower, the Mineral Pool & Bar, and the Fitness Pavilion.

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    Default our honeymoon vacation at tower isle

    picture one
    a picture taken at the pool... the colour are relaxing.

    picture two
    the bottle of champagne..given to us

    picture three
    a little crab that found his way into the lobby
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    Default chillin at the beach ..couples tower isle

    picture one:
    mrs smith relaxing on the beach with the couples boat in the background

    picture two:
    mr & mrs smith on the beach
    honeymoon 2010
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    Default Meg and Bill Tied de Knot at CN - Photo Contest

    Meg and Bill
    Couples Negril
    June 9-18, 2010

    We were married on the beach on June 12, 2010 at 12pm. The entire CN staff could not have been more accommodating or welcoming to our entire group (of 46) throughout our entire stay. I wouldn't change a thing about our wonderful trip and wedding.

    Picture 1: We had our perfect fairytale wedding on the beach. Couldn't have asked for more:

    Picture 2: After our "trash the dress" shots in the ocean and sand, the next logical thing to do was get in the pool in our wedding clothes:

    Picture 3: After the ceremony, we "took the plunge" (literally) on the catamaran cruise with Rasta Ralphie:

    Photo Credits: Katlyn Wolfgang, the bride's cousin

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    Default Beach Silhouette

    Our silhouette at the beach, sunset, and the beach.

    The first photo was hanging out at the beach bar. Gorgeous! At first I was disappointed we could not see our faces, but then the background is so beautiful, it just does not matter.

    The second was the view of the sun setting on the most romantic day as we were getting ready for dinner at Casanova's.

    And the third shows just how lovely the beach is, even on a cloudy day. It just oozes romance, all the time!
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    Default Honeymoon

    Even on my honeymoon I'm doing business!

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    From CTI:
    Repeaters' Dinner
    3 guys & an Island
    Jamaican Rainbow
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    Default Gary and Katie- 15 year anniversary, Couples Negril

    Katie and Gary
    Couples Negril June 17-23, 2010
    1. Relaxation in paradise. It doesn't get any better than this!
    2. Hopes, dreams, memories all have a very special place in my heart when thinking of Couples Negril.
    3. Couples Negril was everything we wanted in a vacation, warm, relaxing and fun filled adventure of a lifetime. We will be back!
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