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Thread: Halloween @ CN?

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    Default Halloween @ CN?

    Can anyone give input as to what happens at CN on Halloween? Is there some sort of Halloween Party that takes place? Do we need to bring a costume? I do not know if Hallloween is celebrated in JA like it is in the states????

    Thanks for any input.

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    We were there the Halloween before last. They had pumpkin carving in the afternoon at the beach bar. The main restaurant and stage were decorated for Halloween. Members of the entertainment team were in costume. It was low key but fun.

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    We were at CSA for Halloween and we had a great time. Not too many people were dressed up at first but we didn't care... we had a blast. Later on in the night at the Aura Night club a lot of people showed up dressed up and it was a great Halloween party.
    I wish I could add a picture for you but I don't know how... it asks me for a URL when I want to insert an image and they are saved to my computer... not a URL. Sorry.

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