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    Default It's almost here! A couple of questions though...

    We will be at CTI June 8-14, and we are so excited! We booked through an online site and everything looks good with our reservations/boarding passes. My questions are...
    1. Do we need to register or call the resort to set up transportation from the airport? I know we are supposed to head to the couples lounge for the shuttle, but are we supposed to call to let them know our arrival time prior?
    2. After reading the messages on the message board, I am worried we did not book enough days! I am a teacher and my husband is a firefighter, so we have extra time we could stay. How difficult is it to extend the stay once you have arrived? Has anyone done this that could provide helpful information?

    Danielle and Justin

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    No need to call ahead they know you are coming and will have a shuttle waiting for you. You may have to wait a little bit for other people arriving before you depart for CTI. Extending your stay is no problem. One thing you might want to do though is stay at CTI for the first part of the trip and then try out CSS for the extended days if you do that. CTI is beautiful but we preferred CSS once we went over on a day trade.

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    as far as the arrival time and couples lounge question, you should have let them know your arrival time when you made your final payment. You can always call and double check that they have your flight times via 1800Couples.

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    I definitely recommend telling them your arrival time as that ensures that they are expecting you and then you won't have to wait too long.

    As for extending your stay it depends on your airline...most will charge you of course and it depends on the airline as to how much they will charge you. I am a travel agent and I know that it can get very expensive to extend your air while you are there...good luck and have fun!

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    If you booked the flight/resort together, there is no need to contact Couples as the agency will forward the flight information.

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    Ten days makes a nice vacation. Especially, if you can go more than once a year!

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    Thanks for all the help!

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