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    Default Air Jamaica Suspends Baltimore Routes July 1

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    Very sad; I'm glad I didn't go with the Baltimore-based flight now. Unfortunately, that's part of what's to be expected now with the new ownership group.

    (Even sadder news from reading the article - Toronto is now part of the United States! )

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    We normally fly out of BWI - but this yr found a great deal out of Philly. Sure am glad we booked that flight now. Hope they don't change the time on us, but we don't leave until Dec and the flight may change. I am suprised they cancelled the BWI flight. Everytime we flew from BWI the plane was almost booked. But then they changed the flight time, that is why we decided to fly out of Philly. I am sure a lot of people decided to take different flights with the change.

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    We were sooooooo spoiled for sooooo long. The Air Jamaica flight left BWI at 8:30AM, arrived MBJ 11:45. How perfect is that ??????????? I can only remember 1 time in 9 years that the flight was delayed, and that was only about 10 mins. We can only hope that the merge with Air Caribbean will return that AM flight from BWI.

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    I believe Air Tran started non stops to MBJ out of BWI. We flew out of Philly last time and it wasn't as bad as everyone thought it would be.

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    Airtran flies out of BWI nonstop. It departs early and still get in mBJ before noon

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    Scared me. Flying Airtrans from Grand Rapids to BWI then to MBJ. Glad this isn't effecting that flight at all. Hopefully this doesn't put a damper on anyones travel.

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    We are devastated by the news. We have been home to Jamaica 7 years in a row and have always flown the BWI - MBJ route with no problems. We were even upgraded (unexpectedly) to first class on our trip last year. We, from a gut feel standpoint, booked our return trip to paradise (in July) on AirTran this time, and thank goodness we did. I prefer Air Jamaica and would fly them again in a heartbeat. I hope they do return to BWI someday. Like happytimes42 said, the Air Jamaica flights were always packed to capacity. I am really still in shock.

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    United operates direct flights to/from of Dulles to MBJ. The downsides . . . they only run this at certain times of the year. I think they start in December -- not sure when the route ends. AND, the route is only on Saturdays. So, if you plan a vacation at the "right" time of year, AND want to fly on Saturdays, there is a direct option from the DC area. And the times (early morning out, late afternoon return) are good.

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    I think the Airtran departure time from BWI is around 0830.

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    Default BWI and Air Tran

    We used the Air Tran non-stop from BWI to MB in March and were very satisfied. You bring your own food and they provide free basic drinks. Much better than eating airline food IMHO. Only downside was the earlier flight leaving JA which cut into our last day. I am concerned that with no competition, Air Tran may jack up the cost and leave us with no non-stop option.

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    When we go next June to JA we'll either fly out of Philly or BWI. I think we will choose the earliest flight out of here.

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