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    We received an upgrade at CSS last year, but had not yet reached the passionate level...I just think it was luck as we had booked the lowest category and at CSS that has the fewest # of rooms
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    What is the proper protocol regarding the room upgrade for the Passionate level? Will the staff automatically give Passionate level guests the upgrade if available? Or are guests supposed to ask at check in? Just curious about this.
    We were at CSA in April and the check in staff was swamped with appox. 20 couples checking in at the same time so we did not have a chance to ask about the upgrade. It was our first time at the Passionate level, and we received the room we booked. However, our last trip to CN we were upgraded from a deluxe garden room to a deluxe ocean, and this was before we were at the Passionate level.

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    Oh, completely forgot to say we have always received all of our repeaters perks without asking. CN x 3, CSA x 1, and CSS x 1. Hooray Couples!

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    We stayed at Negril in December. We pre-registered. The only thing we got without a hassle was our sparkling wine and confectionery. We had to keep going back to the desk to get out $500 credits and then it was 2 days into a 7 day trip and we didn't have as much flexibility in using the spa credits as we would have liked. We did get our departure pack but no check. They said they would mail it, and of course it didn't come. The hassle with the $500 credits was such a pain I didn't even follow up on the $100. Going forward I will not plan on the perks... and I have no desire to book with the $500 credits, it just wasn't worth the hassle. But, I still love Couples and we are going back again this December.

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    Default Happytimes42

    Just curious-What building at CN is your favorite?


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