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    Default Favorite food and drinks at CN

    I have always wanted others peoples thoughts on there favorite food and drinks. I know everything is awesome but what are your favorites??
    Food wise I loved the omelette station!!!
    Drink wise simple but turned into one of my all favorites Appleton XO and pineapple juice. Thank you for that one Tennyson not sure if you still work there but I still love it, simple and refreshing. I thought some of the others were to fruity or sweet.

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    The french toast, fresh mangoes, eel sushi at Lychee, those mini sandwiches at the beach grill (perfect snack!), and anything curried! They had a pumpkin tart at dessert one afternoon that was fantastic.

    Drink-wise, I can't drink hard liquor, so I loved drinking King Hermans, Carib Creams, and shandies.

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    Purple Rain

    any seafood

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    Haven't been since 2005, but the one food item that really stands out in my mind was the crab cake appetizer at Otaheite. Fantastic!

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    What a great question....
    Drink...definitely the hummingbird. Love Ting too!
    Food...hmmmm...pretty much anything from Otaheite but especially the beef tenderloin.
    Snapper sandwich from the beach grill.
    The bread from the Italian restaurant (name escapes me right now)
    The sushi from Lychee....and also the Lychee martini's!! YUMMY!!

    Hubby loves the Rum Cream. And the pumpkin soup. And the LOBSTER!!! Who could forget the lobster!! And I live in New England so that is a real compliment!!

    Hungry now....sandwich for lunch...yea!

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    Dirty Bannana Drinks are the Best!
    Mango's at Breakfast time were soooo Good

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    Hi Melody,
    HELICONIA - YUMMY!!!! Love Everything at Heliconia... Miss that Delicious Salad they had a couple of years back... had deep-fried goat cheese in it - Really Really good, would eat that every night (unfortunately any time it's on the menu now it has nuts - that would mean at least one night in the hospital-and that's best case scenario - so that's a NO).... Just thinking back to that salad makes me smile...
    LOVE the Bread too at Heliconia! Really Love ALL the servers at Heliconia too - and Of Course The ATMOSPHERE!!! Heaven!!
    Love Everything at Breakfast and Lunch at Cassava - So much Variety....
    Usually full by the time dinner rolls around - after eating and drinking all day - but we always manage to find something that makes us happy!!!
    Okay - back to reality - lacing up the sneakers and getting on the treadmill and a couple bottles of water!

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