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    Default CSA or CN for wedding/honeymoon?

    Hi, I'm a newbie to the whole resort thing and I really need help deciding which resort to choose to have my destination wedding and honeymoon.Some family and friends will be joining us for this event. Myself and fiance are 23 and 25 and are very laid back individuals. We loooove the beach and swimming. We are night owls, so any fun evening activities would be great, but we also like to tour and go on relaxing walks as well.I also was looking for a place that has more of the tropical vibe. Both CN and CSA seem like they have all of the criteria I have listed above, but I'm still undecided. We're looking to get married May 2011. Could someone please give me their opinions on which would be a better fit for us. Thanks so much!

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    I would suggest CSA--we are leaving for CSA in 2 days and can't wait; it will be our 4th time to be at CSA. My husband's daughter (in her 20's) got married at CSA in November 2007, and my husband and I got married at CSA June 2008. The daughter choose a 3:00 p.m. wedding, and it rained just as the ceremony was ending. The rain put a damper on the garden reception, and because of the clouds, the pictures weren't as good as they might have been. Since it always rains every afternoon, keep this in mind. When we got married, our wedding time was 10:00 a.m. The morning is the most beautiful time of day on the beach, and the pictures of the ceremony on the beach were absolutely beautiful, and the garden pictures we took were equally fabulous because of the sun. Later in the evening, we dressed in our wedding finery again and had sunset pictures taken, and those were great shots as well. CSA will have something for everyone in your wedding party, and they will be very impressed with CSA. CSA is large enough too that you won't be bumping into each other every time you turn around, so those in the wedding party who might want some quiet time alone with each other will be able to find that too.

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    Default CN or CSA

    We have stayed at CN & CSA. Your dilemma is a little tough. We were not there for our wedding or honeymoon. However, we SAW many weddings at both resorts while we were there. In a nutshell, my opinion is: Almost everything about CSA fits what you are looking for (a little livlier at night with the Aura Lounge and Ultimate Chocolate and a DJ almost every night). The beach is unbelievable at both but CSA was my personal favorite (just larger than CN). While we personally prefer CSA for our typical "go relax and let our hair down trip," I really thought CN was the more romantic of the two. I also liked the wedding spot on the beach in CN better. It was farther from where most people hang out on the beach, so more intimate. I love weddings so even though we weren't getting married either trip, I notice things like that LOL. However, all of THIS BEING SAID, if you can swing a sunset or early morning wedding, the crowd shouldn't matter at CSA. Usually the beach was strangely close to empty at sunset when we were there anyway. Hope this helps!

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    Truthfully both resorts meet all your requirements. I suggest spending time on the MB and look at all the pictures and read reviews. One of the resorts will start to tug at you, that is the one you should go to.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thank your creimers! That was very helping and all I needed to make my decision.

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    I'm getting married at CSA on 25th March at 2pm. I had the same dilemma as you but choose CSA in the end as it looks more tropical and spread out to me. Good luck with your decision, whatever you choose im sure it will be amazing!

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    I finally decided and booked at CSA. I'm feeling really good about my decision and hopefully it turns out to be the perfect place for my special day.

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