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    Default Matt and Tracy..Are you ready for CSS?...hugs

    Ok you two..You will be married soon and on your way to one of the most romantic resorts in the Caribbean.

    You will not believe what is in store for you..CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia has put together a world class staff that loves to spoil you and loves to make you so happy..Let them..LOL

    I want to wish each of you happiness forver.

    I will stay on this thread and give you more bits and pieces of CSS,Couples Sans Souci,as your trip draws nearer.

    SO..Read this message board and get ready for an outstanding Par Ta...I guess you will get Mama Jean's permission to Par Ta.

    Hugs from your old 10 0 C buddy

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    Old Tommywommy sure is happy that our dear friends Matt and Tracy are getting married in 10 0 C and then going to a Couples resort.


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    Default Hey TommyWommy!

    We are SUPER excited about our trip! We are ready to go now!
    Hope to see you guys soon!

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