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    We just returned from CSA and the events in Kingston are not even on the radar. I've had people ask me about it and I tell them... if there was a riot in Miami, would you cancel your trip to Disney World? It's a world away. We even took an excursion and there was not even a hint of trouble.

    Trust me... you'll have a great time! No worries, mon!

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    Default we too are CSA 6/28-7/5

    Quote Originally Posted by TrishaLD11 View Post
    We also considered cancelling but after talking to our travel agent we feel much more confident! Kingston is far away from where we are in Jamaica and we are going to have a wonderful time on our honeymoon! We are going to CSA June 28-July 5. I hope you decide to go and have the time of your life! The countdown is on!!
    we are flying in from CLT; we have been to CSA a few times and Jamaica many, many times. What time does your flight arrive? See you there!

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    no cancellation,
    Just booked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cree5 View Post
    My fiancee' and I scheduled our honeymoon to CTI June 28-July 4 but with the events going on in Kingston we are hearing a lot from friends and family that we shouldn't go. Is anyone else considering cancelling their upcoming trips to Jamaica?
    So what did you decide Cree5???
    We are going to CSA June 20.. we have been following the news to be informed travelers and are not worried and cannot wait to go!

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    I tell you, my future hubby and I leave in August to get married, and I'm sure you remember that saying,"threw hell or high waters"!!! Well guess what, that's what I'm facing. I have enough to think about on my plate then to be thinking of being JackedUp in a War!!! At this point in my life, I have come to far to turn back now... war and all. I'm sorry I really have to say, as long as my hubby says I do I will too
    My trip is on baby... What God placed togather not even man can pull apart baby... Couples Family we'll see you soon

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    Hi Guys no need to cancel your trip and if you have already cancelled you will be missing out big time... Dont believe eveything you hear in the US media... I was scheduled to go to Kingston Jamaica on May 30th and return June 8th and almost cancelled... So glad i did not... just came back on Monday... and my husband and I had a great time.... The trouble is only in a few spots and it is no where near to the resorts not even Ocho Rios much less Negril....

    Anyway... hope you go and come back and tell us what an awesome time you had....

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    We are booked at CSA for the same dates 6/27-7/4. I was concerned, but not really worried. My family that doesn't travel internationally were very worried, but I explained the distance and all that. Try to relax and just look forward to your trip!! I CANNOT WAIT!! 2 more weeks!!!

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    My in-laws (former Hedo-ites) were in Negil about 20 years ago when a civil war (they claim; don't ask me) was going on. They said the only thing that was different that year was that there were armed guards around their resort. Don't worry about it!!!!

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    We already went on our trip two months ago, but we are getting ready to book trip #5. Even if we were going next week, we wouldn't be worried. CSA is on the other side of the island and security is great. We have never had any problems.

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    Default Don't cancel

    we are going for 7 days on end of july css resort and not worried!

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    Default No problems, mon! Don't cancel.

    We just returned from CN. We were there June 2-9. We were a little nervous after seeing the news of Kingston's unrest occur just a week before we were due to leave, but we were assured by others here on the message board that all was fine. I am so glad we didn't cancel or postpone. The weather was perfect, the resort was gorgeous, the staff was friendly and very attentive and we had the trip of our lives. The only bad thing to happen was that we had to come back home and leave paradise behind. I can't think of one worthwhile complaint that we had the whole time we were there. Relax. Make your trip and make memories of a lifetime.

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    Several years ago .... probably 10 years ago now ...... we got to the airport to head to Jamaica & found out our flight was cancelled so they put us on another airline & in first class ... OK .... It's lookin' good ...... Never been in first class before so WOOHOO! Well, we board & there are maybe 6 people including us in first class & maybe 6 or 8 more in the rest of this huge jet but we take our champagne & sit down when the flight attendant tells us that we'll be taking off in 5 minutes. We look around & say "where is everybody??" I guess that there had been a lot of riots in Jamaica - especially Kingston - over the price of gas I think it was & everyone had gotten scared & cancelled their trips. Well, we hadn't been watching any news for the past couple of days due to work & trip prep so hadn't heard a thing about it. Since we were already on the plane & another lady on the plane was meeting some friends there that had been in Jamaica for several days & they told her all was well, we went ahead with it. Boy were we glad we did. The resort was pretty empty & we didn't have one bit of problem in Mobay or Negril. The taxi driver told us that it was all in Kingston. Had a great trip!!!!! I'd say not to worry about it & go. Kingston seems to have problems that the other parts of the island don't have. Know it sounds scary on TV but really don't think it's worth cancelling your trip over.

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