So we just returned from an amazing trip to CSS. It was not only our first trip to Jamaica, but our first all inclusive. We were pretty selective with choosing Couples resorts because they seemed to be on target with the atmosphere we were looking for. We wanted a truly relaxing get away with other couples looking for the same. We enjoy a good time but we are not 'party animals' so to speak.

Now my husband and I both LOVED CSS and we'll absolutely be returning there next year, but we wanted to give one of the resorts in the Negril area a try later on this year. Just wanted to hear some opinions on which one may fit us better. Things we loved about CSS: the immaculate lush grounds, the privacy (this was huge! no kids, no peddlers, just resort guests and staff for the whole week), the open feel (we never once felt crowded by buildings or people), the passable beach (we aren't huge beach people, we'd prefer a nice pool - But, we do like to walk on the beach), peace and quiet (there was no loud music/sounds from other resorts or road noise, etc...)

Anyway, I guess that's kind of specific, but we were just looking for some sort of advice from people who have been multiple couples resorts. Our fears are that CN may be too compact, and CSA is over double the size of CSS so it may be too big... I'm sure neither of those things is an issue, but again, just thought I'd ask :-)

Thanks everyone!