Hello Fellow Couples Friends,

My husband and I just returned from our first visit to CN. Let me start off this paragraph by saying it was AMAZING

Our vacation started out by looking on the internet for a all inclusive resort and that's when Couples popped onto my screen. I was unsure of the resort but something was pulling me into the screen, the picture were so "magical" just what I was looking for me and my husband. Well I booked right away to CN, all the properties on the website looked fantastic but CN captured my heart the moment I saw the pictures! We booked through Cheap Caribbean. Later that afternoon I started looking around for any information about Couples Resort and that's when I found it.... Couples very own web page I was so excited to find a website with real information about the resort and from people who actully went there.

Well for the next 120 days I looked on the Couples message board every chance I had, sometimes I would get busted by my employees because I told them I'll be in my office because I had tons of paperwork to do and they walked intomy office and found me looking and drooling over CN! My husband also told me to stop looking at the website so often because I might get disappointed once we arrive there. NO CHANCE. I was HOOKED the moment I laid eyes on Couples Resort

Well the day arrive, July 2nd to be exact! We finally stepped on Jamaica grounds. The flight was great and just like everyone said after going through customs (which was really easy) you go around the corner and there it is! COUPLES LOUNGE.Couples employees greet you with a real smile and open arms. I knew I had made the right descision at that very moment not only for me but for my hard working husband.

We boarded the bus which was a little scarey at first but I said heck I'm up for an adventure! And what a adventure it was! The drive was wonderful we meant a great couple on the bus that was going to Cn for the first time too! I couldn't wait to see the resort with my own two eyes and that's when we pulled up. I had my camera in my hands really to start taking pictures so I can always have these memories. When we got out of the bus a nice gentleman had a pair of tongs and a silver platter with freshly cool whit towels for us. SNAP I got that picture of the gentleman hading over the towel to my husband Just then a beautiful Island girl came over and offered us a glass of champange! It was as if I was living inside a fairy tale book espically after reading everyones stories on the message board! Well they gather our luggage and took us to our room and right then I thought I died and went to heaven!!!!

It didn't take me and my husband long to jump into our swim suits and head for the beach. OH..The beach, what a BEAUTIFUL SITE...It does not get any better than that! Our feet hit the white soft sand and before we knew it a gentleman came up to us and offered us a cocktail. Yep...We died and went to Couples Heaven

The next 5 days went by so fast, We enjoyed everything Couples had to offer! The food was Amazing, Service the Best and the Tree Hut Massage I can't put into words...This was the first time me and my husband ever had a massage. I'm so glad we waited and had one at Couples...It like your first kiss, you'll never forget it. I really do beleive the employees are what makes this place so special. I met so many wonderful people there and a friendship like no other. "Wow" would be an understatement for this place. You see me and my husband always work long hours and never really get to be together very often. This vacation I wanted something special because every other vacation we had was more like family vacations. I felt like after 27 years of marriage our love for each other was fading. I needed a special place to re-light our fire....Boy did I find it. Sparks were flying the very first night there!!!! Let me tell you first hand about the MAGIC there at Couples...I felt like I went back in time to our honeymoon We felt like happy bubbly kids again. Splashing in the water, holding hand at sunset and really enjoying each others company. 5 days of pure heaven with over 2000 pictures to prove it.

Well talk about pictures, I wanted to capture ever moment of me and my husband woderful journey. Yes I know that's alot of pictures but the people that visited CN will understand because everywhere you turn beauty is there! I bought a beautiful coffee style photo album in the gift shop before leaving. I had plans to fill it up with all of our wonderful pictures from CN. Well I'm sorry to say I'm going to need your help in this.

After returning to the states I couldn't wait to open my suitcase up and get my camera out to start processing pictures of our trip. That's when I relized that we were robbed. Someone at the airport opened our luggage and stole our camera, jewerly, gifts and more! I was devestated, I couldn't beleive that someone would do such a thing but they did! I cried for 3 days straight. I really don't care about my material things but my pictures!!!! I took some Amazing pictures of my husband. I never seen him so happy as I did that week at Couples. I realize I have the meomries in my head but sometimes meomeries fade and that's why photo's are so special because it helps trigger your memory.

So I'm asking my fellow Couple friends to do me a huge favor. If you can find it in your heart to send me some pictures of CN and the employees I would really apperiate it. I know it won't replace my pictures but at least I will have pictures to fill in my photo album. We met a great couple from Canada that we hung out with our last day there and they sent us a few pictures they took which was great! Also Anita from the message board sent me some too, she was so great to do that. I told my husband that something good will come out of this I know!! After my intial madeness I came to tems that maybe someone needed to sell my items to help feed the family or something. I don't know why he/she needed to steal but I hope God Blesses them. At least me and my husband was fourtate to be able to wutness such a AMAZING resort If anyone can help I would like to repay you for your kindness.

One Love
Curtis and Millie Grimes
Savannah Georgia