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    Default What are Floaties?

    I see a lot written about floaties - does anyone have pics? What makes them so appealing and specific to Couples?

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    plastic covered foam mats the are used as pads for the deck chairs and double as float mats for the water. Everything is special at Couples maybe not specific....

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    they are chair cushions that you can take into the water and float on, hense the name "floaties"

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    The Floaties that everyone's speaking about are those thick foam cushions that fit nicely on a chaise lounge, and double as pool/ocean floats. I'm sure someone more clever than me will post a picture of one.

    They are white and have the couples logo emblazoned on them (You guys really ought to sell those online, Randy)

    I think to a lot of us repeaters the Couples floaties also represent another fond memory, a sort of touchstone image to a place we'd love to be. There is nothing quite as relaxing as floating in the warm Jamaican waves with a drink in your hand, and not a care in the world.

    Floaties however are not to be confused with Floaters, which are known to appear after drinking several Bob Marley shots.

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    a floaty is a cushion that is on the loung chairs. You can take them into the water and lay on them. THEY FLOAT. You will want to have a towel to put on them while sitting on the beach or by the pool. They are rubber and foam. The only thing I can say about specific to Couples. The resorts on both sides do not have them, appealing: you don't have to take blow up rafts to float in the ocean or pool. Have a wonderful vacation

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    ahh, float, float on... warning... make sure you have good sunscreen on your back before heading out for floating cocktails!

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    Default Floaties

    We lived on floaties at CN. Here's a picture.
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    LOL Cubismo!!!

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    Don't forget that floaties are also used as a bar while in the pool. And most importantly a wrap when walking from the AN beach at CN to the water.

    29 days from today, I will be floating in the warm waters with a dirty bannana in my mmmm.

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    Default Floaties are HEAVEN

    Floaties are one of the best inventions since the light bulb. Well ....... Almost. CN would not be CN without a floatie.
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