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    Default Christmas and New Year 2009 picture thread

    Have already posted this on the old board so thought I would post on here. Ok so I know it's early but I thought I would start a thread and see who else will be in paradise with us.
    We are Steve and Ellie from London UK, we will be arriving at CN on 22nd December for 16 days, this will be our third visit and we will also be getting married on New Years Eve. Only 182 days to go, see you all there.
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    Hello! My husband and I will be arriving Christmas Day and leaving New Years Day. This will be our first trip to Couple and Jamaica and we are very excited. I look forward to meeting you!

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    Hi there, I promise you will not be disappointed ! Christmas and New Year is absolutely fantastic at CN. Whereabouts are you from ?

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    we will be there 12/26-1/2 for our honeymoon and are so excited to be there for New Years!!

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    We are coming from the US. Pretty Prairie, Kansas to be exact. I get so excited everytime I get on the message board and look at the new pictures!

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    This will be our third visit and I still get excited looking at all the pictures both on here and on trip advisor !
    156 days to go

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    We will be there Dec 26-31. Our 2nd time to CN. Congrats on the wedding! See you in paradise!

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    any pics people

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    Hey! Alison and Brad from Southern NJ. We're getting married 12/19/09 and spending our honeymoon at Couples Negril 12/27-1/2. Can't wait! How's the New Year's Eve party?
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    Hi Alison and Brad, congratulations on your wedding. The New Years Eve party is amazing, ice sculptures, stage in the pool, balloons and the most amazing food !!!!
    Look forward to seeing you there.
    144 days and counting

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    Thanks much! We're excited, our first time to Jamaica!

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    well you have made the right choice where Couples Negril is concerned, you will absolutely Love it, hence why we are returning for our third visit !

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    Default New Years at CN

    This is our first trip to Jamaica and a Couples resort. I have heard amazing things and can't wait to get there. We are also going to be there for New Years as well arriving 12/30/09.

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    Hi cp, do you have any names or pics so we can recognise you at the swim up bar

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    I guess everyone else is shy apart from us

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    130 days to go

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    Default Roll on December 2009 !!

    A picture of Helen and Alan coming from the UK 26th December to
    9th Jan. Looking forward even more now after just returning from a holiday to Egypt and absoluteley NO comparison - we just kept wishing we were in Jamaica the whole time !!! Roll on December !!

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    Default Starting the New Year Right

    Rich & Rhonda

    We'll be joining you guys from Dec 31st thru Jan 8 - can't wait!!! Only 137 days to go . . .
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    Default Dec 26-31

    Chris on the left, Sterling on the right.
    (I don't think I put the picture in correctly...I did it as an attachment? What do I need to do to have it come up directly in my reply?)
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    Hi everyone, felt like we were going to be there on our own for a while !
    welcome on board only 125 days to go for us, will be nice to see old friends and make some new ones. To those of you who have been before you know exactly what paradise is and those of you who are going for the first time, you are about to find heaven in Jamaica !!!
    Only 125 more sleeps to go

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    118 more sleeps, hurry up please !!!!!

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    Default Gene & Terry 12/24 to 1/2

    Hi all,

    We will be making our 3rd Jamaica trip and our 2nd time to Couples. We were at Tower Isle in 2007. We met so many nice people and had such a great time that we wanted to come back to Couples again.

    We were in Negril in 97 and the snorkeling was great so we chose Negril this time.

    Ali & Brad, we are also coming from South Jersey near Atlantic City.

    We can't wait to go. Now for the next 4 months we have to beat our old bodies back into beach shape. Nothing like a trip to paradise to motivate us.

    The only way to celebrate Christmas is sitting on a tropical beach with a Red Stripe.
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    Hi Gene and Terry and welcome aboard. 108 more sleeps for me

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    Default Hi Ellie

    We arrive on the 24th and look forward to meeting everyone for a cool drink. But I must warn you that my wife is a big fan of British Lit and movies. It will only take one libation and she will be practicing her British accent.

    England and America are two countries separated by a common language.
    --George Bernard Shaw

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    Hi Gene,

    not a problem at all, as long as she doesn't have any objection to me practising my American accent
    I too have the same tendency and agree totally with George !
    105 more sleeps

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