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    Default phew

    well we finally arrived at CN at 5am !!!
    yesterday was a bit of a blur as we never slept on tuesday at all, we are now on top form after having 9 hours sleep last night. The weather is absolutely beautiful, sunshine all day long, already met up with some old friends and just waiting for everyone to arrive. Spoke to my future sister-in-law this morning and she is beside herself with excitement, I wonder how many chocolate martinis I can drink before she gets here ?? Safe and speedy journeys everyone, see you soon xx

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    Default Paradise Lost.

    I should be walking the beach at Couples with my morning coffee and enjoying our first full day of Couples relaxation. But I'm back home in NJ after a 30 hour debacle and a thousand wasted miles traveled. US Air got us as far as Charlotte NC then stranded us for 12 hours and finally cancelled our flight to MBJ. Their only solution for us was to fly us home again so we can wait for a Saturday night flight to Mo Bay. AARGH!!

    So friends I guess we will see you on Sunday. Unless they screw us again. An 8 day vacation just became a 5 day vacation because they claim they can't find a flight home for us to let us extend on the back end.

    you all enjoy the warmth and atmosphere. I'm going to take a walk in the snow.


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    Default Dec 29th

    Please dont drink the place dry of chocolate martini's, remember you have a wedding dress to get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG 3 days to go i am bursting with excitement cant wait to see my big brother get married to not only my new sister in law but also my best freind xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    See you all very soon xxxx

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    Default T-24 hrs !!

    Just took a break from packing to check the message board. 24 hours to go - we can hardly wait. Our first trip to Jamaica and CN. We're there from 12/28 - 1/4. I just hope everything is half as great as all I've read here over the last year.
    Here's a photo of us from a fall trip to the Florida gulf coast - hope we won't need the jackets in Negril.
    Looking forward to making new friends soon!
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    stop making me cry Suzy and hurry up and get here x

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    Default 1 day, 21 hours, 29 minutes, and 45 seconds!!

    I am going to BURST!!! I start packing tonight!! Can't wait!!

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    Default Hi from Dallas TX

    Looking forward to meeting you guys. Larry and Dot! Arriving Dec 30 leaving Jan 5th. Our 2nd time, it's my birthday (12/29) and xmas present!

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    Had a great time over New Years! Thanks to all those that we met that made it a blast!

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