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    Hi Loris820 where are you from ??

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    Hi loris820 and welcome on-board. where abouts are you from ??

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    I can't say I like the way the message board now splits the thread into two pages but doesn't display the newest post first, that's why I wrote the same thing twice as I didn't know it was on the second page.
    Oh well, 66 more sleeps to go

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    One thing you can do is edit your user options so the newest posts show up first meaning you won't miss any new ones if the thread flips a page.

    Just a suggestion. Can't wait for December 28th!

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    ummm how do I do that then

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    Default Edit profile

    Hi, hope this helps.
    1. Go into your profile
    2. Go into customize profile
    3. Under settings options go into edit options
    4. Scroll down to Thread display options
    5. Change Thread display mode to - "linear - newest first"
    Done. C U all soon - 8 weeks and 4 days to go - 60 days and we'll be there. Tracie, UK

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    Sorry, didn't realize there was a second page to this thread...

    My husband and I are from Ontario. It's been 3 yrs since our last Jamaica trip to CSS. With the rather cool summer we had this year, we are really looking forward to some Jamaican sun during the holidays. Look for me -- I'll be the one with the blinding white skin...

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    I'm about as pale as they get (must be the red hair!)

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    It's our first xmas away from family too. Last year we hosted both sides, and this year it is OUR year! :-) See you all in Negril!

    Kim & Doug
    2008 - Couples Tower Isle
    2008 - Couples Swept Away
    2009 - Couples Negril (less than 60 days and counting!)

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    Default CN Xmas/NY

    Last year was the 1st Xmas/NY we have missed at CN in 5 years, we are desperate to return home this year and see familiar faces and friends. We will be arriving Dec 25th , hopefully in time to see Santa arrive....for 11 nights. Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing some laughs in paradise, xx Sarah & Mike

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    Have hopefully managed to change the thread to show newest post first, I'm not very good with all this technical stuff !!
    I am just back from Spain where I had the first two of my four hen nights, far too much alcohol and general over indulgence but it was great fun.
    Hello to all the new posters, can we have pics please, we promise we wont stalk you at CN
    8 weeks today yippee !!!!

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    Just hit my birthday yesterday! Told my wife don't need anything because of the trip! Starting to get cold here so its making me look forward to it more and more.

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    happy Birthday for yesterday, we will have to have a late celebration in Jamaica !!

    53 more sleeps

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    Here is a picture of my future brother and sister in law, they will be arriving on the 29th of December to join us for the wedding. This will be there first time in Jamaica and I know they will absolutely love it
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default See you soon!!!

    This will be our 10th trip for the New Year to CN. We wll be there from 12/27- 1/3. We can't wait!!!!!!

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    Default Dec 29th - Jan 12th

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    Hi All,
    My name is Sue and my husband is Steve, we are joining my brother Steve and future sister in law Ellie for their wedding on New Years Eve. This is our 1st visit to CN and cannot wait, 59 days to go. We hear it is fantastic and cannot wait to sample the delights especially the chocolate martini's.
    Look forward to making new friends and enjoying the big day with Steve and Ellie!!!
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    Default under 2 months!!

    Is anyone else freaking out that it's UNDER 2 MONTHS now!?!?! Just can't wait to be on the beach, drink in hand, listening to the ocean............. ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK, I'm done now. Back to Illinois cold wet weather. sigh

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    Default wow!

    3 weeks - you lucky things !!! But doesn't that mean that you'll be staying on when Ellie & Steve have to return earlier ??

    Eight weeks today we'll be waking up in Jamaica - arrive on the evening of boxing day but usually just about manage a bite to eat before we pass out from being up so long !!

    So see you all on the 27th December - Irie !!

    Helen xx

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    Default 29th Dec - 12th Jan

    Oooops my mistake, i put Ellie and Steve's arrival date!!!!! We arrive a week after them and they leave us roughtly a week earlier.
    It really wierd we can now say we are going to paradise next month.
    Look forward to meeting you!

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    welcome to the board at last Suzybear, I knew you would do it eventually
    49 more sleeps and 49 more days in the gym !!!!

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    Default 56 sleeps to go!!!!!!!!

    56 sleeps to go OMG i cannot wait,paradise, chocolate martini's, lazing by the pool and of course your wedding x

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    I will make sure I have a chocolate martini ready and waiting when you arrive, I don't know how I am gonna get through the next 48 days, the excitement is killing me !!!!!

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    My wife and I went to CN for our 10-yr in 2007...we were hooked. Headed back over New Years for our 3rd annual trip. Place is amazing and truly "home". See you all New Years Eve!!!

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    Default scardey cats

    you all must be scardey cats as none of you are putting pics up

    48 days to go, please just hurry up !!!!

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    45 days to go, they are crawling along !!!

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