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    Default Thanks for the advice ....

    I shall get some battery operated lights then. Good idea.

    The rep rang to ask if I had any questions about the resort and to tell me who our rep would be on arrival at the airport .... but about half an hour later she had sent me an e mail with a list of trips Virgin sell on the island - thought they'd be trying to sell us something - that's usually what they do best !!! We've never been with Virgin holidays before but their trips seem very pricey !! Apart from trying the trading places with CSA this time we haven't really thought about trips.

    Must be 24 nights for us then. Day off tomorrow to look for a new bikini

    Helen x

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    getting way to excited although I just realized that one month from today, we will be boarding our plane back to Michigan...still can't wait to be in the sun! Its supposed to snow this weekend

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    Default 24 days, 19 hours, 44 minutes, 40 seconds...but whose counting!

    Our names are Ryan and Heather. We will be at CN December 30th to January 3rd. We are so excited...not only because this will be our third trip back to CN, but because Ryan has been overseas for the past 11 months. We are meeting in Jamaica on his way home from Iraq...oh, what a perfect place for a reunion! Name:  100_3991 Cropped.jpg
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    We are so excited to be at Couples Negril 12/26-1/2. It's currently 15 degrees here in ND. We need some sunshine!! Hope to meet up with some of you!!!!
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    It's 9 degrees right now, wish I was on the beach!!
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    welcome on board Ryan and Heather, look forward to seeing you on the 30th, I couldn't even imagine not seeing my future hubby for 11 months, how on earth have you coped ??

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    Default 29th Dec - 12th Jan

    Wow what a venue for a reunion, im sure he is looking forward to some relaxation and pampering, my god he certainly deserves it, you too!!!!!!!! Have a great time, we arrive the day before you. We are there for my brothers wedding, Steve and Ellie you may have seen them earlier in this thread. NYE will be a night of celebrations including a wedding reception, hope to meet up for some drinks
    Sue and Steve

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    3 weeks from today we'll be on our flight! Just had a couple inches of snow in Iowa and its currently 19 degrees. I'm officially ready to take a break from it already!

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    Default 2 more weeks !!!

    two more weeks to go, oh just hurry up, thankfully I am extremely busy between now and then, I have my final hen night on Friday, loads of christmas parties, a 40th birthday party and even a 70th birthday party (not mine of course). All my planning and shopping is done, have to wrap the christmas prezzies, have our at home christmas with my daughter and then that's it
    phew I'm a busy girl, god job I have 16 days of relaxing to look forward to

    See you all soon and welcome to the newbies x

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    13 days to go !!!!!!!!!

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    Default 10 days !!!!

    Well I am off to my final hen night tonight, steering clear of the shots though !!
    Have a quiet weekend and then it's all systems go next week, will be busy every day and every night !!! I will be more than ready for my holiday

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    so excited! 15 more days!

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    Im excited too!!!!!!!!!!!17 days woo hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default 14 days for us now !!

    And we too are getting so excited !! The suitcases will be making an appearance this weekend as I can now use the spare room again as the xmas pressies are now wrapped and under the tree !!! Ye Ha !!! Hope you're head's not too sore tomorrow Ellie - have a fab time.

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    Suzy and I (Marc) look forward to hanging with you all back "home". I've been deployed, home just before XMAS, then off to CN for our 3rd annual trip arriving the 31st. Can't wait!!! Anyone been for New Years before? What's the party plan? Assume it will move to the Piano bar for martini's...

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    Default 7 days to go :)

    We were there for New Years last year and it was absolutely amazing, they completely go all out with the decorations, the food, the ambience, the service and the music, I'm sure you will love it, if you are still raring to go once 12.30am comes then it's off to the piano bar to continue the fun !!

    Right a very busy week ahead of me but I simply can't wait for Tuesday the 22nd

    No hang over Helen, just very tired

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    Default single digits :)

    9 days to go. We are getting ready. I have my passport and PADI dive card sitting on the bureau to give me a little lift each morning.

    There is nothing better than celebrating Christmas sitting under a palm tree with a cold beer.

    See you all soon.

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    Default Fingers Crossed !!

    For anyone travelling with BA - we're going Virgin so hopefully they will not take strike action before 26th !!! I am praying that they will not go ahead for all those who have booked their holidays over Christmas. If they do I think we shall boycot them forever !!

    11 days for us now - don't drink the place dry before we arrive !!! xx

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    Default i cant wait!!

    9 days and counting. I got so excited I packed last night!!! Now I don't know what to wear for the next 9 days!?!? See you all soon!!

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    Default It's 20 degrees F and the wind is howling.

    The brass monkeys are very cold but I need to spend a few hours outside today. So thinking about being in Negril in 5 days is the best way I can come up with to keep warm.

    See you all soon.


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    Default 3 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well with all my business over the last few weeks, it has finally caught up with me, I have a nasty cold, I am coughing and sneezing for England !!
    I have a party tonight, more socialising tomorrow and Monday, then thank heavens it's finally time to head off to the hotel at the airport

    right I'm off to pack as it's the only spare hour I have !

    See you all soon x

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    Default why we need a vacation.

    Three days to go. Can't wait to get away from the snow.
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    Default delayed by 7 hours !!!!

    we got to the airport nice and early this morning only to be told that our flight will be delayed by seven hours due to the snow
    at this rate we wont arrive at couples until about 1.30am !
    oh well at least we will be there eventually.

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    Default Weather !!!

    One week of snow and ice and the UK grinds to a halt - blooming ridiculous !! Ellie/Steve - we were thinking about you yesterday and your delay - hope you're there now safe and sound.
    To all fellow travellers ... hope no-one else experiences delays either from UK or USA - safe travels and we will see you all on 26th (hopefully!!).
    Helen & Alan, UK.
    PS - Andrew's back for the holidays - whopeee !!!

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    We leave on Monday!! THe storm here in Iowa is supposed to end this weekend. Hopefully we arrive on time.

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