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    Default 50 days for us today !!

    And our postman has just delivered our Virgin Holidays "it's nearly time for the Bennett party to hit the Caribbean" pack !!
    Oooohhh - nearly time to start thinking about shopping/packing !

    I can't wait to try a chocolate martini - having given up chocolate as part of the pre Jamaica diet - I shall relish the thought of combining chocolate with alcohol - OMG - 50 days - I can't wait that long !!

    Any more photos anyone ??

    Helen & Al Bennett, UK

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    We're under 2 months people!! Don't know about you all, but I've got my suits already set out, starting a pile of other things to pack now too. Is that bad????!!!

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    I have my packing list all ready and waiting but I must admit I don't even think about packing until the weekend before we go.

    I wish Virgin would hurry and deliver my tickets, I am desperate, even though that wont make the time go any quicker !!

    I am now in the gym almost everyday trying to lose the last little bit of weight, food is a problem with all the Christmas functions already started, had to eat out three times this weekend, still back to the diet today, hopefully still on track to be my target weight for the wedding, I think I will have to visit the gym every morning at couples to work off the previous nights Chocolate Martini's and fantastic food !!!!

    42 more sleeps and 6 weeks tomorrow, don't know which one sounds better so thought I would put both

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    Default 29th Dec - 12th Jan

    Hi All,
    49 sleeps to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just packing my bags in Spain ready to take to the UK, OMG so excited, diet going well so now getting in clothes i have never been able to wear, not sure about the Gym while on holiday, will think about that one depends how many chocolate martinis i have.
    Sue x

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    Here is an updated excel file with everyone who is going to be at CN in December. Feel free to make changes, additions, etc.
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    There is no attachment I'm afraid

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    I'm trying again to upload the excel file. It is also in the other December thread.
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    Default 38 days !!!!!

    only 38 days to go for me, I can hardly contain myself, how on earth am I going to manage to get through the next 5 weeks !!

    I can almost taste the chocolate martinis

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    We are so excited to spend our honeymoon at CN!!! We are flying out of Detroit 12/26. See you 12/26-1/2!!!! I'd post a picture, but I'm at work and don't keep pictures of myself on my computer here

    Ellie, congrats on your upcoming "big day"!

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    hey my husband and I will arrive 22 Dec and leave again on dec 25th...have to read again if we stay at Negril or Tower Isle, so excited that I do not even know where we r going Anita (and Per)

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    Default December 21-28

    Angela & Les
    Warwick, RI
    6X Jamaica, 2X Couples Negril

    We're looking forward to meeting everone.
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    Hey Tom_Erin congratulations on your big day also, look forward to seeing you in paradise

    this time in 5 weeks I will be there whoo hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    weight loss going good but have not been a very good girl when it comes to the gym, must get myself back there !!

    see you all soon

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    Default The time is getting closer!!!!

    We are from South Jersey and it it getting cold. Can't wait to get on the plane!! Dec. 27th can not get here quick enough!
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    Default Dec 29 -Jan 12th

    Hi Ken and T
    We arrive on the 29th, look forward to meeting you both.
    We are there for my brother's wedding on the 31st, they are Steve and Ellie.
    Cant wait to go getting so excited, where is South Jersey?

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    Default Where is South Jersey??

    Hi Ken & T,

    We too are from SJ. We're in Somers Point. We arrive 12/24 to 1/1. Lookin forward to seein ya there. We can compare SJ accents.

    Suzy, South Jersey is the Southern portion of New Jersey, USA. It is the cool part of the state. NJ is culturally divided into north and south.

    Gene (& Terry)

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    Thanks Gene and Terry,
    I thought it might have something to do with New Jersey but was not sure, i once got the ferry from NY to NJ then drove to Penslyvania, what a lovely time we had.
    I am sure Jamaica will be amazing, i cannot wait i am so excited!!!!!!!

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    Default 30 more sleeps

    as I travelled to work on the train today and the rain was pouring down, all I could think of was .... this time in 5 weeks I will be in my nice big bed, in my lovely room, waiting to wake up, get my bikini on, head down to the pool, grab myself a cup of coffee and spend the whole day relaxing in the gorgeous Jamaican sunshine !!!

    I just want these last few weeks to fly by but I know they will positively crawl by sob sob

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    Default Drooling in anticipation !!

    Five weeks tonight (28th December) will be our returners dinner - oh boy - I can't wait. Other than New Year's Eve - that has got to be just one of the best evenings at Couples Negril .... but we still 34 days to wait before we return to Paradise !!

    I have now completed all my Christmas shopping so can now start to think about shopping/packing for our trip - Got to get my NYE outfit sorted !! Ellie you will have ticked that one off your list I expect - a fab night for a wedding reception !!

    Yes .. the days do seem to take forever when you're waiting for paradise but go oh too quickly when you're actually in paradise !!

    Better get back to work (lunch break!) - TTFN.

    Helen x

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    Default everything done !

    Hi Helen, all my arrangements are sorted for the wedding and the reception when we get back home, I have another 7lbs to lose, which I know will be difficult with all the Christmas parties happening !
    I can't believe you are already thinking about packing, I do all mine the day before, although I suppose I do spend the whole year compiling the list

    I have 26 more sleeps until we head to the Sofitel hotel at Gatwick, we like to count the night before as the start of the holiday

    Can't wait to meet everyone !!

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    Default have you all disappeared ??

    OMG 3 weeks today will be my last day at work whoo hoo

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    Default got my tickets :)

    they came in the post today, soooo happy !!!

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    Default I certainly haven't !!!

    reporting in for some serious posting !!!
    That must mean that our tickets could be here by the end of the week then - even more whooooo !!!
    After all the rain and now the cold has arrived I am in need of some serious sunshine - and not much rain hopefully
    I can't decide whether to bring some lights/decorations for our balcony as we don't arrive til 26th but want to keep the festivities going as long as poss !!!! We saw quite a few when we were there two visits ago for New Year No harm I suppose ... anyway enough from me ... someone else now please !!!
    Helen x

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    Default Amazing !!

    Within seconds of posting my previous reply my landline rang and it was Antoinette the Virgin rep ringing me from Jamaica - oooh ! She was lovely and to hear that wonderful accent - bliss !!How wonderful to get such a call - first time that has ever happened to me with any travel company - good service or what !! A sign of things to come - whoooooooooooo !!!
    Helen x

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    Default very amazing !!!

    wow, that has never happened to me either, why was she ringing you ?

    We saw loads of lights last time we were there, they do have a safety issue about plugging them in I think though, lots of people had the battery operated ones and they were fine.
    We were there from the 21st until the 6th last year and didn't see one single drop of rain, so I am hoping for the same this year
    Soooo cold on my way to work this morning, even with my big thick thermal socks on my feet were frozen. Still this time in 3 little weeks we will be at the airport, I just cannot wait !!!!!

    20 more sleeps to go

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