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    Default Late Arrival Question

    We just got notification that our flights got changed and we won't be getting into MBJ until 8:15PM which will probably put us at CN around 11:00PM. Has anyone had issues checking in late and should I notify the resort about the flight change, or will they get that information from the booking change?

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    Well not that late but we have arrived at appx 9pm. This was about 3 years ago and our flight was delayed by about 5 hrs after we arrived at the airport so we had no way to contact them. When we finally got to the resort they knew our situation anyway and were so apologetic that we had missed time in paradise (even though it was no fault of theirs). They filled us in on where to get way-over-due refreshments at the late hour. It sure can't hurt to e-mail them with this info though. There will be NO problem at the Couples Lounge at the Airport.

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