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Thread: Fans at CSA?

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    Default Fans at CSA?

    I'm a very light sleeper and always have a fan for the noise to put me to sleep. I was wondering if they have them in the beachfront suite rooms? If not I'll go get a little travel fan.

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    Yes, there are ceiling fans.

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    No worries. You will have the wonderful sounds of the tree frogs and the lapping of the waves on the beach to lull you asleep. You will be sleeping like a baby.

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    I know exactly what you are talking about. I will be taking a traveling fan with me. And yes I know they have ceiling fans but to me its different.

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    Open the windows and listen to the tree frogs. It is way better than fan noise. I also have a fan running, but the tree frogs lull me into an even deeper sleep.

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    There are ceiling fans in the beachfront rooms, but they are very quiet. I like some "white noise" too, but I don't think the ceiling fans provide that.

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    Yes, I was in a BFS, and I cant sleep without a fan. I brought a little travel fan, and although it was kind of nice having it, I did not need it. You will have noise from the AC, tree frogs, waves, and sleep like a baby!!

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    I've needed noise to get to sleep for almost 4 decades. I used to use a fan all year round because that's all there was. Now there are much better solutions. There are electronic noise machines all over the place these days. I use the "white noise" setting on most of them. The best ones have a larger memory, so it doesn't sound so repetitive. The best one I've had is from Brookstone and was a bit pricey. However, for traveling (including to Couples) I use a cheap one I got at Wallmart. If you don't like electronic noise, Sears used to make one that was a little fan in a very small plastic housing that pushed the air through holes. It was mechanically adjustable. They called it "sleep-mate". I take a noise machine everywhere, but need it most when in hotel rooms in Manhattan. Sometimes when sleeping in ocean front accommodations, I just open the window and listen to the surf (even better), but everywhere else I use a machine. I wouldn't rely on any hotel (including couples) to provide a noise source.

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    If you have an iPod or MP3 player....

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    I'm glad I'm not the only on out there that can't sleep with out a fan. Thanks for all the info. Only 8 days left! I can't wait!

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