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    Default CSS The Jewel Box

    We purchased a ring from the Jewel Box on May 23, 2010. It is a 0.98 karat and white gold. The price was $2499.00 with fifty percent off and then another ten percent off. We were able to purchase this ring for $775.00. We took it to two different jewelers and found out that it has two chipped diamonds and one of them is loose in the mount. We also found out that the value of this ring averaged at $700.00. I love the ring but am upset about the value. I urge anyone who buys from there to get the cost as low as possible. Just for the first time buyers, a solid diamond is worth more than a bunch of little ones and a diamond with more of a yellow color is worth more. Look at the ring with their magnifier and the more black spots you see the quality is pore. Black spots are called inclusions. JUST DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST.
    I am waiting on a responce from the company in regards to getting the ring fixed.

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    Default Diamond Quality

    Here is a good reference but I don't believe a yellow diamond is worth more than colorless.

    Good luck,

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    I believe you on the color thing Token, and thanks for your responce. The jeweler we took it to said that it was what Jewel Box said it was on the clarity and something else don't remember. Anyway, the ring is what they said it was, there was just a misfortune that two diamonds were chipped. I have sent it off and it is getting repaired for me. The main man Harry has called me even and we spoke about the ring. I would like for everone to know that I was not putting the store down I was just saying that you should do research on a ring first before buying. I love the ring it is very beautiful and I love the way it sparkles because it is so clear. The rings we looked at in the state that had a yellow color were flat looking and didn't sparkle much. I didn't care for those type of rings. I would like to also further my comment about the price. All stores have a high mark up no matter where you go but, my concern was the fact of what was said for the value compared to the purchase price. The Jewel Box has lots of beautiful jewelry. I honestly do not regret buying the ring from there. Thank You, Tiffeny

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    My wife and I have been to CSS for 4 years in a row, this year is the 5th. Every time we go, we see Harry at the Jewel Box. Only one year we had a problem. We spend $1000 to $2700 each time. The problem we had was the diamonds (2) kept falling out of the setting. After two repairs my wife was not satisfied. We brought the ring last year to Harry and he gave us a full refund and a great deal on a new piece. Harry always stands behind his sales and will treat you right. The location of the Jewel Box is a high demand spot. I am sure neither Harry nor the company want to give CSS a reason to get another jewelry store in that location. Buy with confidence.

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    We just purchased a "blue diamonds" ring at the Jewel Box on Mothers Day of this year while we were at CSS. I knew little of blue diamonds and was skeptical, but trusted what I heard. I examined our ring with my own jewelers loupe and saw only clear stones, so we bought it. It, too, was priced very high, but discounted. We were satisfied.
    We hope you get your issue resolved.
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    bowlcoach... We are going to CSS in July and I am very interested in purchasing a blue diamond ring. Could you tell me what the price range was on their rings and give me an idea how much I can bring them down on the price? I purchased a tanzanite ring there 3 years ago and was very happy with my purchase.
    Any info on the blue diamonds you can give me would be very much appreciated.

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    You can email me about blue diamonds if u would like They are my favorite and my father deals n jewelry. My husband bought me a blue and whit diamond necklace, total 2 kts in 2006 at CTI as my wedding present. I got a blue diamond ring and earrings a year later and then this past december he bought me a tennis bracelet to top off the set in Negril! They are gorgeous and I constantly get compliments on them though most people don't realize they are diamonds. You have to be careful when buying them however because they are enhanced and that makes flaws more difficult to see.

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    DH bought me a blue diamond ring last February, and after having it appraised when we returned to Canada, we are happy with our purchase. I would love to go back for more.

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    What you need to look at is Cut, colour, clarity and most importantly (in my eyes anyway) is carat.

    Your average round is called a brilliant cut, clarity is the amount of inclusions, colour will be rated alphabetically the higher the letter the more yellow the diamond, the average in stores would be about an H which is fairly white. Carat of course is size.

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    I'll go to the jewel box to receive my complimentary cigar, and that's about it...nice place, though
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    I got my ring back about a week ago. Harry was great through the whole deal. He kept in touch with me and I appreciate it. I love the ring and I am very happy that I have some one in my life who feels that I am deserving of it. The jewel Box has lots of beautiful jewelry and everything that was told to us about the ring was true. I had the misfortune of it needing repair but, it's fixed and I appreciate it. Thank you Harry for the quick responce and getting it fixed.

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    My advice for anyone planning to purchase a diamond (or diamonds) is to become familiar with the diamond classification system. Diamonds...especially centerpiece ones, should have a standardized rating on its quality. I would never spend a lot of dough w/o knowing the classification of the rock I intended to purchase.

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    Default Sadly disappointed

    We purchased a princess cut white gold ring with 8 blue diamonds and a white center diamond. I absolutely LOVE the ring, however very dissatisfied with the experience. It was explained to me that this was a pressurized setting, however I recently found out there wasn't such a thing but it was called an invisible setting. OK, well after a couple of months, a diamond fell out. I contacted the Jewel Box and was told there was a 6 month warranty and to send it to their corporate address, etc. I did so and it was returned fixed, free of charge! I was excited...until just this past week. This ring is not even a year old and yet a diamond fell out again. Turns out their 'fix' for this was to superglue another diamond into the ring and ship it back. The diamond wasn't even cut to fit an invisible setting which means the ring would continue to have diamonds fall out. I have taken it in to a jewelry store in the states to have the same type of design created that would fit all of the diamonds in the correct setting so they will not continue to fall out. Thankfully I was able to catch the diamond in my hand so I didn't have to purchase a new diamond to replace it. My mother had a disappointing experience as well. She purchased her ring and left it with the store for sizing; it was returned to her the next day. She didn't wear it at the resort for fear of ruining/losing it. The following day we flew out to return to the states so she wore it. By the time she got off the plane back home, the ring had split and opened up where it was sized. So she had to pay for fixing it so it wouldn't be split anymore. We were also both saddened to find out that our rings appraised at less than half of what they were priced at. I understand that there is mark-up however, I don't believe that these mark-ups are justifiable. You are lead to believe you are getting a much better deal than you truley are. While I absolutely love this ring, I will not plan to purchase another from the Jewel Box.

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    Last November I bought a citrine and diamond pendant from the Jewel Box. It was, of course, listed at a truly exhorbitant price but Harry gave me 60% off and when I still hemmed and hawed he added another 10% which I thought was still a little high but I hadn't been able to find a rectangular citrine pendant anywhere and was pleased to find something to match the rest of my citrine set.

    I wouldn't usually deal with a resort jeweller but a couple who had bought a couple of things from them and told me that they had appraised at double when they went home, convinced me that it was OK to buy there, so I did.

    I just picked it up from being appraised and it was valued at about $50 LESS than I paid for it. I didn't expect it to appraise for double, but still......I guess I'm not a very good negotiator; just didn't realize I was THAT bad at it.

    I love the piece but I am sure not going to be buying good (not so good as it turns out) jewellry from resorts again. I know it's my fault...I should have done more homework, but I'm still upset at how it turned out.

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    Default My Jewel Box Jewels

    Well after reading all of your post, it sounds to me like Harry has taken the steps to keep his customers happy. Any of these thing could happen just as easy in the states or anywhere for that matter, even with the most elite jeweler. It does pay to be educated before purchasing any precious stone. We have done business with Harry for a long time now, and I have nothing but praise for him. He has always taken good care of use and been fair. Two of my most prized pieces came from Harry. He has some of the most beautiful tanzanite around, as you can see from my two beautiful pieces.
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    I can not wear them without getting the best of compliments. They are truly an eye catcher.
    I look forward to seeing Harry again in January! (Need the earrings to go with my set!)

    I think we should start a thread to post a picture of our Jewel Box Jewelry!

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    Well, believe it or not, one of the best places to buy good jewelry at great value is Costco. You won't find an appraisal for what it costs. Our last purchase appraised (Needed for insurance here) for over double what we paid.

    Oh. And don't think they just sell cheap jewelry. Some of their rings cost more than a decent house. Remember that they stand behind their stuff too.

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    I have also made 2 wonderful purchases from The Jewel Box. I have a beautiful Tanzanite ring and a Blue Diamond Ring. We are going to CSS next year and I will be searching for a Tanzanite bracelet. Harry, have something nice waiting for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrendaandBruce.PA View Post
    I have also made 2 wonderful purchases from The Jewel Box. I have a beautiful Tanzanite ring and a Blue Diamond Ring. We are going to CSS next year and I will be searching for a Tanzanite bracelet. Harry, have something nice waiting for me.
    I would love to see a picture of your rings!

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    I agree with most of the above comments but it still irks to need to be an 'expert' in jewellery just in order to stop yourself being done over, whether it is at a market stall (much danger there) or at a jewellery store at an up market hotel.

    I never really got this idea that when one ventures into a nice looking permanent store in a foreign country (UK too!) that one can't presume that the store owner has priced his goods reasonably to reflect the cost plus a reasonable amount for profit. Of course, what is reasonable as profit will differ from place to place but even so, why does the Jeweller at CSS need to reduce his prices by 70% to get you to buy? Why not just have it at a price 60% less than it is shown at and stop the unnecessary haggling. There are posters here who feel ripped off or are made to feel stupid for being trusting of the jeweller.

    If I were a newbie to CSS, didn't haggle the price of a diamond ring and then found out I was horribly ripped off, I guess I would partly blame the hotel. That would be a shame and, in my view, totally unnecessary. I know, I know, caveat emptor and all that but why do we have to train ourselves in someone's business just to make an honest purchase. My wife found a lovely diamond tennis bracelet at CSS last year and spent most of the 2 week holiday umming and erring about whether to buy. Luckily I had worked for a while as an assistant in a jewellers when I was younger and told her it simply wasn't worth it at $600. As it happens, it definitely wasn't worth it, even after a 60% reduction. She didn't buy it.

    Reasonable, honest pricing first and surely more business would flood through the door, no? ! Who would visit Garrards in London or Tiffany's in NY and haggle 70% off?

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    I am going to attach a picture of my Tanzanite and Blue Diamond rings. I really love them and have received a lot of compliments on them. The Tanzanite has Mother Of Pearl inlaid. You can have problems with jewelry no matter where you purchase it. Harry from the Jewel Box will take care of you if you have any problems.

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    I love your rings! I am partial to tanzanite though. I love the trillion cut stone.
    Let's see some more!!!

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