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    Default spirit airline a little worried

    Hello, We are going to be going to CSA on June 18th and found out that spirit airline might be going on strike
    on June 12th. Wondering if anyone else is worry about this and if they are what are they doing....Thanks Mich70

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    think back up plan if the pilots go on strike and you dont have a commerical flight lisence it may be tough for spirit to get you there hence hurting bsuiness hence the point of a union organized labor stoppage aka strike. good luck

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    I didn't hear this but, I have to say that I am not surprise. With them adding that carry-on fee. I am surprised riders haven't started a protest or strike of their own.

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    We were booked on spirit June 12th. Made new reservations today. Didn't want to get to the airport and find out the pilots were on strike. Spirit wouldn't credit back our tickets, but said we could use it as a ticket credit for up to a year. I will never fly spirit again because of their customer service!

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    Well, as I see it these first two posts do nothing to offer you advice...

    How did you book your trip? Travel agent, online yourself, etc? If you booked through a travel agent then you should contact them right away to find answers to your questions and keep in contact with them to get up to date information and advice.

    If you booked yourself then the next question is did you get travel insurance? If so contact the insurance company to be sure you are covered if your flight is cancelled should the strike occur. At least you know you have that much information. You then need to monitor the situation yourself so you can decide when to start looking for another flight. And that is what you would have to do should the Spirit flight ultimately get cancelled, find a flight on another airline.

    This is one good example of a reason to use a travel agent, you have someone to contact for help in such a situation. Best of luck, hope it all works out and you get to have your vacation glitch-free.

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    oh no! I'm flying with them to CSA for my honeymoon on June 21st...I booked flight and resort with an online carrier.. What/how do we go about getting there if they strike? This is my first trip like this so this news has me very worried.

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    I travel a lot for work and Sherry has an excellent point. In this situation, a travel agent is your best friend. They would be doing all of the hard work for you right now. When I don't use a TA (say for a personal trip), I make sure to buy trip insurance as soon as possible after booking my trip. If you wait to buy trip insurance, and something happens (in this case, they announce the possibility of a strike), the insurance WILL NOT cover that eventuality. So it is too late now to buy trip insurance in both Mich and lvbhappy cases.

    lvbhappy - you should contact your online carrier immediately. They should be providing you with support.

    Another piece of bad news is that Spirit is not a "legacy" carrier (Delta, United, USAirways, American, Continental). The legacy carriers will frequently honor tickets bought on other legacy carriers if a flight is cancelled for some reason. However, they do not honor tickets from airlines like Spirit, or even Jet Blue or Southwest.

    Mich70 - as far as advice, check the flight schedules and see if other airlines have seats available for your scheduled dates. If you have this information now, you will at least be able to react quickly if Spirit does, indeed, go on strike. Of course, you might be paying through the nose for your airfare.

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    Default Spirit Airlines a little worried too

    Our trip is planned for July and I have been watching the news regarding the possible Spirit Airlines strike. We picked Spirit to maximize our time at the resort so I am hoping it does not happen. We booked directly thru the Couples website so hopefully if the strike happens Couples will assist with making other flight arrangements.
    I waited too long for this vacation.....

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    Sherrynchuck made a very good comment. We always use a travel agent so we have someone to lean on for advice and help when things go wrong. My advice is to go to a local travel agent and get advice on how to handle the situation. If you don't know of any, ask friends who can suggest a reputable one. Good luck getting to CSA if Spirit goes on strike.

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    Thanks for the replys. I went ahead and booked a one way ticket going there. Going to wait until June 12. To see what happens to book one coming home.

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    Thanks. I'm debating buying refundable tickets for my future hubby and myself (ridiculously expensive) or just biting the bullet and buying tickets on a carrier like American and just having those, and if spirit DOES have flights, have to cancel the others and take a credit. What a pain this is!! I hear Spirit is not too great at customer service, we'll have to see. I'm calling them tomorrow.

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    ivbhappy let me know what spirit tells you... we leave the 18th at least i have a two set of tickets just waiting on coming home...

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