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    Default Repeaters Dinner

    We are members of the Romance Reward program at the Passionate Love level. We are traveling with another couple to CSA in December who are not Romance Reward members. They were at CSA sometime around 2007. I understand it is too late for them to get credit for the nights they stayed at that time. I was wondering if they would be invited to or allowed to attend the Repeaters' Dinner, or if that is strictly for Romance Reward members now?

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    I think if they have ever been to any couples in history, they are invited.

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    Default Repeaters Dinner

    We were at CSA in 2006, signed up for the Romance Rewards and we received an invitation to the repeaters dinner.

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    John-anita....when did you sign up for the Romance Rewards? I had the understanding that it is too late to get credit for any stays before 2009.

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    Why not just see if they can get reservations to Feathers or Lemongrass on that night? They could have a romantic dinner to themselves. We had a similar experience to john-anita, though. We signed up for RR before our first visit in 2008 & we got an invitation (but we didn't go).

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    If they have stayed at a Couples before then they are repeaters, they do not need to be a RR member, that said they should sign up for RR now and let them know of their stay, they will not get credit for it. If there are any questions you can stop at guest relations at the resort and let them know that they are repeaters and they will issue them an invitation.
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