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    Default Is 4 days long enough?

    Hello all,
    My husband and I will be at CSS for the 1st time this summer. Due to schedule conficts, we will only be there for 4 days/4 nights. I have never been outside of the US. I really want to make the most of every moment we are there. I would like to do the Dunn's Falls Tour one day, Ziplining and maybe ATVs another day and relax the last 2 days, but I feel like I am trying to do too much in a short period of time. I dont know when we will be able to go on a vacation like this again. That being said should we go with my plan or relax at the resort the entire time? I guess I am worried our 1st time could be our last. Any suggestions? What did you all do your 1st time? Any regrets?

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    We were at CSS in March for 5 days/4 nights and we didn't have nearly enough time. It was our first time outside the states and we never thought we'd make it back. However, as everyone says, "once you go, you know". We'll be back "HOME" in January!

    Personally, I think what you've planned is a bit much. We wanted to do all the extras too, but with such limited time, we wanted to enjoy the resort and all it's beauty. Besides, you're paying quite a bit of money to spend most of your time outside the resort. CSS has so many places to explore, we never got to all of the little nooks and crannies!

    Relaxing with your loved one, whether it be by the pool, by the ocean, in your room or at SSB, makes you forget there is life and activites outside of CSS!


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    We often go for 4 nights as that is what our schedule allows. Of those things are all important to you then you should do them but I suspect when you arrive at CSS and settle in you will be less anxious to leave.

    We go to relax, swim, enjoy the wonderful service and each other. We do head out for lunch or dinner but we have never been big on excursions so we don't bother.

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    I suggest that you go and just see what you feel like doing once you get there. You will not be able to make reservations for the activities you listed till after you arrive anyway. So just get there and see how the vibe hits you after a couple of hours or so. If you still want to make your off site excursions, then make the reservations and have fun. However, if you decide that you just want to hang out for a quiet and relaxing four days at CSS that will be what you will do. No regrets either way.

    Don't fret about it. You will have a great time regardless of what you spend the time doing. It's Jamaica, it's all good.

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    Unless you arrive very early the first day, a four-night trip really only gives you three days the resort. You can still have a great time, and while others may disagree, I think that you'd be best served by spending most of your time at the resort and planning only one off-site excursion, if any.
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    Our first trip to CTI was 4 days and it was just enough to relax, and make us want to return for another trip. I say if you can do 4 days, go for it!! It beats not going at all.

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    Those 4 days will fly by. Personally I wouldn't do any outside activites, or maybe just spend one day away.

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    We went 7days/6 nights our first time, then 7 nights the next time, 9 nights the next trip and 10 nights this trip and the trip we have already booked for next summer (June 2011). I don't know if any number of nights is "enough". I can tell you this though......after this trip, I PROMISE YOU, it won't be your last. The two of you will have such a wonderful time, that you will figure out a way to go back. Personally, I would not try to plan too much. Take in the resort, the staff, the grounds, the food, the service, the relaxation, etc. You will find that your stay will pass very quickly, too quickly!
    Most importantly, enjoy yourself!!!!!
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    What I would suggest is: First day, relax in each others company. Then, when you wake up on the second day, decide if you want to do anything else. Don't schedule too hard or you will spend too much mental energy planning and worrying. You sound like you already do that in your normal life. As do I, in case you think I am being harsh . Go with the flow and do what feels good, when it feels good!



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    It all depends on what type of "vacation" you are trying to take. If it is a "get-away-from-it-all" resting type of vacation, then I would probably only try to do one (or POSSIBLY two) excursions. Other than that, there is lots to do and see at CSS. Four days is such a short time and since it looks like you have time contraints anyway ~~~ Why push it?? R-E-L-A-X !!!!

    KruznSusan and Stan

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    Do what feels right at the time. Wait until you are there and decide on a daily bases. If you are doing what feels good at that time then you are having a good time. we have been many times and we have not done a fraction of what is on offer. You will enjoy yourselves regardless.

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    It sounds like you are attempting to cram a lot in a short period of time.

    Our first trip to Couples Negril we never left the resort and found lots of things to do. We made a list of things to do for the next trip and for some strange reason that list grows bigger each year.

    Keep in mind day one (1) you spent traveling and your last day (4) will also be the same.

    Our only regrets?? To do all the things you see and hear about you need the time to do them. I personally don't think a 4 day stay allows you much time to experience all the resort has to offer and then do off resort activties.
    My humble opinion

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    4 nights is NOT enough, but better than not going at all

    You first day will be almost all travel, plane ride from wherever, 1 hour+ in customs and bagage, 2 hours drive to resort, short check-in, but unpacking, and eating

    they make you leave 4 hours prior to your flight on your departure date so you could only have 2 full days there

    We like to travel mid week w/ USAir through Charlotte and get the 3:00 return

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    I'd echo was most people have said about just waiting until you get there to decide what you want to do and not to try to cram too much in. Having said that, however, the Dunn's Rivers trip is not long and is included in your stay. You leave somewhat early in the morning, and I think you'll be back at the resort by about 12:30 or 1:00. It's rather touristy (though you can ask if there's a day when you're there when no cruise ships are in port), but it's definitely worth doing at least once.

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    Our first trip (February of 2010) my wife wanted to go for 3 or 4 days. Thankfully we opted for 7 nights. When we got home, we immediately bookd our return for April, 2011. I said to my wife "You know how we get to the end and wish we had just one more day? Let's add an 8th night." And we did! So now I am looking forward to 8 nights in Negril in 2011 (and maybe 9 nights in 2012!).

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    Thank you all so much for your advice. I think I will take it and just relax at the resort, if we get there and feel like doing the Dunns River Falls Tour, then we may do that since it is included. Otherwise, we will enjoy all the beauty that CSS has to offer. Thanks again.

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    4 days is not enough time to do all you would like. The first day, you usually don't arrive until afternoon, and the last day, you are usually leaving by noon. That doesn't leave much time to enjoy all there is to do. 7 days is just about right.

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    Take the majority of the advice here. Spend the first day acquainting yourself with the resort and meet the staff (who you will LOVE BTW). If you feel like doing something, pick one thing. Four days isn't nearly enough. We'll be going for trip #9 next Feb. We have done all the extra stuff we want pretty much. Do one thing this trip, and pick something else for the next trip, along with a few more days. Our first trip was 7 days, second trip was 7 days again and we got married there, then we morphed into 10 days and now we can't imagine going for less than 2 weeks. Best advice is to just go and chill and enjoy each other and paradise all around you. You will love COUPLES! Sun_princess

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    Our first year we only could afford 3 nights which was REALLY short but we still enjoyed it. The following year we went for 4 nights and this year we are going for 5 nights. We add a night each year and I like it that way.

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    Default 4 days are good, but the longer the better!

    We stayed 4 nights for our 1st CN trip. We got to CN at about 2 pm and left about noon on the last day, so thats almost 4 full days. It was long enough for us to know we would come back soon and did. The longest was 10 days on a CSS/CN split. (still not long enough!) I would do Dunns River Falls, skip the other offsite activities and enjoy your time at the resort!

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    Go to Dunns River but the other days I would just enjoy the resort at CSS there is so much to see and the time flys by.

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    Our first trip was 4 days, and it actually went by slow. We didnt do many activities. We just relaxed. It was perfect. We will do all the excursions next time around. Enjoy. It will be fine!!!

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    If all you have are 4 days, then take it. I wouldn't plan excursions if I were you. But you may feel you want to take one. Our first trip was for 6 days, we did nothing but sit on the beach, swim, eat and enjoy each other. The next trip was 9 days, then a few for 7. Last yr due to bad weather, our trip was lenghtened to 8 days, and this yr we are going again for 8 days. I am sure you will want to return for a longer trip next time. have a wonderful vacation.

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