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    Here is my short review for the weekend! We're about to go to Lemongrass for dinner, which I might add, is delicious! We will write a more detailed review when we get back, but I figured I'd throw this one out there since I'm waiting for the husband to finish grooming, lol.

    For those going soon... pack your bug spray! The mosquitoes are eating us alive. Unfortunately, a fellow we talked to here (Andre at the front, nice guy) said that they must have evolved because the only relief he's been able to find has been to run his fan all night long to avoid being bit. It's been muggy, cloudy, raining on and off but the sun is still strong so don't be fooled... layer on that sunscreen!

    To tell you the truth I've been a bit disappointed by this trip so far, I have yet to see the Jamaican hospitality that I've heard/read about. It seems that hubby and I are the first to say "hello, how are you" and we're lucky if we get a response sometimes! I followed your guys' advice in telling the vendors a polite "no thanks" but we, surprisingly!, got hassled by a guy selling the jet skiis. In no way is he Couple's fault, it was just a major discomfort as we were drifting in the water and felt a bit "stuck" as he was next to us and we were far from the guards. Vendors along the beach was something I was expecting, and the guards have been pretty good about making sure they aren't too pushy.

    The rooms here leave much to be desired. Day one we were put in the wrong room, had to ask to be bumped back up to our room of choice. Right when you arrive all the window slats are open, which meant the floor and tile were slick with humidity. We quickly shut them up and turned on the fan and have felt 100% better. I've stayed at five star hotels and hostels, these rooms fall more on the hostel side lol. I didn't go in expecting very nice rooms, but rooms without dirty sheets would have been nice! Housekeeping has been wonderful though, I don't think they knew the room was that dirty.

    I think we're going to look into switching over to CN for a day or so and get a better assessment of Couples. Hopefully we'll have better luck there! To those worrying about the issue in Kingston, don't worry about it

    Will keep y'all updated when we get back

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    Sorry to hear of your disappointment with SweptAway... it sounds like its just not a match for you.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Wow, bummer. I'm sorry things are not quite what you had hoped for. In any event, I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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    Thanks for the mini review. I hope CSA gets better for you. It sounds like you have the right attitude. Go check out CN, they'll probably move you there with no problem. We love CSA and can't wait to go for our 2nd time this fall. Have fun!

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    Remeber. You are in the tropics and entering into the warmer time of the year. More rain and humidity. I hope that you have a great time the rest of your stay.

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