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    Default Tommywommy wants to say thanks....Hugs

    Peggy and I were at CN from April 10-17 and CSS from April 17-24,2010.

    We both can say that our visits to CN and CSS were the best trips we have ever taken to the Couples Resorts.

    We can also say that we met more strangers on these visits than we have ever done on previous trips..Just to many to post.

    We want to thank CN,CSS,the Couples Resorts and their guests for the best times of our life.

    BUT,we were missing our dear traveling buddies Carl and Renee..Going to Couples without these two is just NOT RIGHT.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Hi Tommy,

    How about a couple of pictures? Wish we could have spent a couple more days meeting up at the pool bar but glad to have been there to get you started..... Til we hug again our new friend.

    Mike & Jean

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    Here is a picture of strangers meeting at CN,hugging and becoming life long hugging friends.
    Right Jean and Mike?
    Jean is a GREAT hugger.

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    Tommy, thats what all the guys say. Mike

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    mjd(Mike and Jean)..I tried to post a picture of the three of us but I am having problems AGAIN..Either my pictures are to large or I have to many hugs and pictures already on here.

    It sure was great to meet you two but we needed more time to swap more hugs..Sorry you left the day after we arrived.

    Hugs from your old 10 0 C buddy

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