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    Default Documents for Travel to Jamaica

    Hello! Just wondering if we need to fill out any documents prior to traveling to Jamaica? Do they give you them on the plane??

    Thanks a bunch!

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    I see that you will be traveling from the USA. The only thing you are required to do before you leave is to obtain a passport for each of the members in your party. I hope that is obvious. You might want to consider notifying the US State Department of your trip. I have never done this and it is NOT required. With the current Kingston situation, some might feel more comfortable doing this. It can be accomplished at the following site.

    You will receive a customs/immigration form on the plane during the last leg of your flight to Jamaica. It is a two sided form that needs to be filled out completely and signed in three places. One form is required per person.

    Although it does not seem logical, you also fill out and sign the "Departure Record" section on your way in too. This is a perforated section that the immigration official at Montego Bay will give back to you. You will need to hold on to this and present it as you leave Jamaica on your way home. Here is what the form looks like, if you would like to familiarize yourself with it.

    I would suggest that you pack a blue or black pen (or two) in your carryon bag. There never seem to be enough pens to go around on the plane.

    On your way home, on the plane, you will receive a similar document for USA Customs/immigration. Fill it out completely too. Here's the link to see what this form looks like.

    I hope this helps.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Quote Originally Posted by tg102404 View Post
    Hello! Just wondering if we need to fill out any documents prior to traveling to Jamaica? Do they give you them on the plane??

    Thanks a bunch!
    Given to you on the plane. Just have your passport and a blue or black pen handy. Gives you something to do for that last 30 min of the flight after you have to turn your electronics off.

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    You will have to fill out something when you are flying into Jamaica. Your airline should give you the form, just make sure you bring a pen on board.

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    Default Donna61

    You are asked to fill out a paper on the plane before landing in Jamaica. It's very easy! You will love your stay there. We've been twice. Just don't forget your passport!!

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    Keep your drivers license, passports and boarding passes very handy, like in your hand,airport security people do not like to wait for you to find your paperwork, they get cranky real easy.
    Once you are on the flight that takes you to Jamaica you will receive to card to fill out basic info like who,where, why ,how long and bring a couple pens ,the airline never has enough.
    Do your final confirmation 24 hours before you leave and if using the e-ticket print your boarding passes that this time.

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    You will get your paperwork on the plane, so have your itinerary and pens handy as both you and s/o will need to complete the paperwork. On previous visits, we have seen people pulled out of lines at immigrations to complete their paperwork.

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    Yes, they provide you with Jamaican I & C forms (Immigration & Customs) on the plane. You will receive your US forms on the flight back (although I noticed USA3000 actually gave their customers forms at check in).

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    Here's a question from a grizzled veteran of CSA, but still a novice traveler.

    Flying US Airways, both ways, and I understand I can print my boarding passes at home for the flight down the day before. My question is for the flight back. Do I need to print out a boarding pass while in Jamaica? It is to my thinking that this is an optional document, as far as printing out ahead of time, and they will print one out for us at the desk when we check in to fly out of MoBay.

    Tru' dat?

    Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. The rules seem to be different every time we go to CSA and it has been three years since our last trip.

    I suppose I should call US Airways and ask them directly, but I like the availability of all the knowledge on the message board. Lot's of seasoned travelers out there.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think (but am not certain) that we printed out some documents last September at CSA before we left, also on a USAirways flight.

    Of course, you still have to check in at the counter (even if you aren't checking any luggage, you still have to show your passport for the airlines), and they'll give you a new boarding pass, so I'm not sure it saves any time.

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    We didn't bother going to the internet cafe at SweptAway to do the online checkin. Sunday morning, everything went so smoothly... they still have the kiosks at the airport for you to checkin (they don't want to do it at the desks), so if you have the ambition to do so, it can't hurt to have them ready when you arrive.

    If not, have your itinerary number of FF card number handy, as well as both of your passports, while one of you keeps your place in the main line. The kiosks are very efficient, and you'll have your boarding passes in no time.

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    Dirtleg, if I remember correctly, back in '08 we called US Air 24 hours in advance of departure from KC and they confirmed us down and back.
    I assume that option is still available, but you need to call in addition to printing out your passes for the way down.
    By the way, do you still love the beach?

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